11 Cool And Unique Tech Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is all about giving and sharing, which is more important than receiving. Since the Christmas season approaching in a few months, why not take time to think about what sort of unique and awesome tech gifts we should give our loved ones, colleagues and friends? In this article, let’s have a look at some of the best geek Christmas gift ideas:

List of Cool and Unique Tech Christmas Gifts

Here is a list of 11 unique and geeky gift ideas for Christmas:

1. Nike+ Fuel Band


The Nike+ Fuel Band is more than just a geeky wrist band – it is a smartphone-compatible (with mobile app) gadget that helps you keep track of your workout schedule. It tracks the number of steps you make and the number of calories burned in your daily routines.

2. Society6 iPhone Cases


If you have a friend who has an iPhone, why not buy him or her cute, cool and quality iPhone cases depending on his preference? Society6 has tons of cases for you to choose from, sorted by category at great prices.

3. Fitbit One


Similar to the Nike+ Fuel Band, it is also a daily routine monitor that can be integrated with Android and iPhone, but it tracks your sleep cycle and how often you sleep instead. This is a great gift for busybodies who want to practice good sleeping habits.

4. Logitech Harmony Touch


Harmony Touch is a universal remote that is perfect for geeks who have multiple gadgets, more than just TVs but also gaming consoles. Its smooth and easy-to-use interface makes it one of the best Christmas gift ideas.

5. Nest Learning Thermostat


Most thermostats are a hassle but this learning thermostat remembers your settings and preferences so that the next time you use it, everything will be easier. It can also connect via WiFi to any gadget (e.g. smartphones, PCs or tablets).

6. Logitech Washable Keyboard


Most of us munch and drink at our PCs, workstations, or for gamers, “battle stations” and often leave some cheese curls or sticky foods between the keys. The solution: this awesome washable keyboard with waterproof keys (laser printed) and drainage holes.

7. Netatmo Weather Station


If your recipient is a weather geek, then this could be a great gift idea. It is a complete set of tools: an app for iOS and two cylinders for detecting weather, humidity, temperature, etc. For those who want their weather reports accurate, this is a great buy.

8. Slingbox


The slingbox is your automatic recorder (HD quality) of any shows or live streaming that you will have to miss due to work or other appointments. It can capture not just TV shows, but also from tablets, smartphones, laptops and other gadgets.

9. Victorinox Flash Alox


Want a really cool Swiss Army knife? Here is one for the geeks – complete with a USB flash drive! With its sleek design, this is the ultimate utility tool for the modern geek in you, handy for all sorts of situations.

10. HMDX Jam Bluetooth Speaker


Bluetooth speakers are a great thing, but with this HMDX Bluetooth speaker, you are sure to enjoy high-quality sound. It has a cute and unique design, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and is pocket-sized and can be taken anywhere.

11. Bluetooth Shower Speaker


There is nothing more relaxing than taking a shower with background music and not having to worry about your iPhone, iPad or Android phone get soaking wet. It is a waterproof speaker that streams audio right from your devices wirelessly.


Still haven’t decided on a unique Christmas tech gift for your friends, family or colleagues? Then why not pick one from our recommendations? Trust us – your gift will surely be treasured and special to the one who will receive it.

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