Uploading Youtube Videos From Mobile Device

You may now upload a video you recorded through your mobile device on Youtube. Here are some tips on how to upload videos using Android, iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Email and MMS.

Steps (Android devices)

To upload videos on Android devices, you must have Youtube app.

  1. Launch the Youtube app by touching its icon.
  2. On the left portion of the screen, tap the Youtube icon.
  3. Press your Account name.
  4. Tap the Upload icon found at the top of the screen.
  5. Choose the video you wish to upload.
  6. Finally, press Upload.

Steps (iPhone, iPad and iTouch)

Using Youtube capture app

  1. Download Youtube capture app from the App store.
  2. Sign in with your Google email and password.
  3. Open your Youtube capture app then rotate your device to landscape mode in order to record a video.
  4. To initiate recording, press the Record icon. Tap it again to end recording.
  5. After recording the video, you will be redirected to Upload Youtube screen. Input the title, location, privacy settings, and sharing options such as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. You may also add video enhancements such as color correction, stabilization, trim, and Youtube soundtracks.
  6. Now you can press Upload to finalize the process.

Steps (Email or MMS)

  1. Access your Youtube Settings on your desktop. To do this, click your name on the upper right portion of the Youtube homepage then click Youtube settings from the menu that will appear below.
  2. Look for Mobile uploads which is located under Account information. Get the email address next to it.
  3. Upload the video by sending the file to the email address.
  4. Once the video is successfully uploaded, you will receive an SMS or email confirmation.
  5. Edit the video and its settings through Youtube on your desktop.

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