how-to: use social media to build an all-star brand

How To Use Social Media To Build An All-Star Brand

Competition is fierce. Differentiation is vital. It’s never been more important to have a strong brand.

There are two components of a strong brand: brand awareness and brand image.

On one hand, brand awareness is the strength of a brand in consumers’ minds. Can consumers recall your brand? Do consumers recognize your brand?

On the other hand, brand image encompasses consumer perception. What do consumers think of when they hear your brand name? What feelings does your brand evoke?

We all know that social media can provide a ton of benefits for businesses.

The ability to build a brand is one of those benefits.

Social media can strengthen brand awareness and build a brand image.

Here’s a look at how you can use social media to build an all-star brand:

Using Social Media to Strengthen Your Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

1. Post often (but not too often).

Posting frequently will increase your brand’s exposure.

The more times consumers see your brand , the more likely they are to recall and recognize your brand . While you should post frequently, don’t go overboard.

“Spamming” your followers is not going to help your brand. In fact, it will hurt it. The last thing you want to do is establish yourself as an annoying brand.

Optimize your posting by monitoring what works best for your customers.

Post often enough that your brand stays top of mind, but not too often that your followers leave and engagement declines.

2. Put your brand elements to use.
Make sure to include your logo and brand name on your posts. Increase consumer familiarity with your brand through repeated exposure. Your brand awareness will increase as the number of impressions increases.

3. Post shareable content.
Shareable content is a great way to expand your reach. When consumers share your posts, their networks become familiar with your brand and brand awareness increases. The New York Times Consumer Insight Group conducted a study on why people share online.

The top reasons were (1) to provide valuable and entertaining content for others , (2) to define their identity to others, (3) to nourish relationships, (4) for self-fulfillment and (5) to promote causes or brands.

A similar study by eMarketer found that consumers are most likely to share photos. With these in mind, you can develop content optimized for sharing.

Using Social Media to Build Your Brand Image

Brand Image

1. Share your vision.
According to TED speaker, Simon Sinek, “people don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it”. It’s true that consumers identify with brands that share their beliefs and values.

Create a strong, unique brand image and connect with your customers by sharing your purpose and your beliefs on social media.

2. Establish a voice and personality.

Decide on a voice and personality for your brand. Do you want your brand to be funny? Casual? Professional? Consider your target consumers. What personality will resonate best with them?

Now consider your competitors. How will your brand personality differ from the competition? Once you have established a voice and personality, make sure that all of your posts are consistent with it.

3. Use visuals strategically.

Keep in mind that different colours evoke different emotions. When you design visuals for your social media, use colours that align with the image you want for your brand. If you want a warm and friendly brand, try using orange.

If you want an exciting and bold brand, try red. Use caution if your brand is international as different colours mean different things to different people.

4. Showcase your employees.
Showcasing your employees on social media humanizes your brand. Consumers can relate more easily to humanized brands. They are also more likely to trust brands when they can put a face to the company.

Your company culture is a part of your brand so you shouldn’t be afraid to highlight it on social media.

It’s time to use social media to build an all-star brand by strengthening your brand awareness and building your brand image.

Are you ready? Do you have any questions? Comment and let me know!

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