tumblr 101: using social features of tumblr

Know the social features of Tumblr to enhance your interaction with other users. Learn how to use them.


When you follow a blog, their posts will be automatically displayed on your Dashboard to keep you posted on anything they share. To follow a blog, simply click the Follow button found at the upper right portion of their page. You may also follow a blog by hovering over the blog avatar on tag pages. A menu icon will be displayed then press Follow from the dropdown menu that will appear. Another option is to press the + icon next to the username on your Dashboard.


You may like a Tumblr post by hitting the like button on the permalink page of a blog or at the bottom-right portion of every post on your Dashboard.


You may send a response or comment on a specific post if the Reply feature is activated on the Tumblr post. Simply hit the Reply icon on your Dashboard and input your response. You may not be able to use this feature if you haven’t followed the user for more than 48 hrs or if the user did not activate this feature.


If you have an inquiry for the user, you may use Tumblr’s Ask feature. Look for the Ask button located at the blog’s main page or hover over the blog avatar on the dashboard then press the menu icon then Ask. You will be able to view the Ask button if the user activated this feature.


If you want to share a post on another blog, you may do so using the Submit feature. To submit a post, press the Submit button on the main page of the blog and indicate the type of post you wish to submit. Your post may or may not get published depending on the blog Admin’s decision.

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