15+ valentine’s photoshop brushes

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! It’s time to design so I decided to explore around and look for cute valentines photoshop brushes that can help you in designing cards, templates and other designs for heart’s day.

Here’s a 15 best Valentine’s Photoshop brushes I’ve gathered that can make your work standout from the rest. Enjoy!!

Valentines Photoshop Brushes

Free Valentine’s Photoshop Brushes

Valentine’s Day Brushes


This set of 9 cute brushes is made from free royalty vector graphics. Aside from hearts, it also features love letter, cupcake, flower, and owl designs.

Valentine Floral Brush


This brush set collection includes 22 Valentine floral heart brush in high resolution.

Valentine Floral Heat Brush


Designed in CS3, this brush set collection includes 20 Valentine floral decorative heart brush. Ideal for any design work, whether personal or commercial use, the Valentine Floral Heart Brush is a high resolution vector brush.

Valentine Mega Art Brush Set


Valentine Mega Art Brush Set is a collection of high-resolution hearts, card templates, as well as elegant background brushes. These brushes can be used either as a background or to highlight other elements in your design. The brush set is particularly useful not just for creating Valentine’ day greeting card, but also for birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasion.

Vector ‘Style’ Hearts


This is a collection of 20 vector hearts for Valentine’s day. Made in PS7, these vector heart brushes come in unique design and are sized differently.

18 Decorative Heart PS Brushes


An assortment of 18 Valentine’s day themed heart and assorted brushes, 18 Decorative Heart PS Brushes can be used as accents or cliparts in Valentine’s day themed cards and sites.

Heart Brush Pack


Although it only consists of 5 heart brushes, Heart Brush Pack is a perfect complement to any of the Valentine’s brush sets available.

Valentine Brush Set


Consisting of mostly Valentine’s day love letters, envelopes, postcards, and postage, Valentine Brush set is a collection of 24 brushes for every occasion of love. These brushes are medium to fairly large in size.

Valentine 2010 Brushes


With Valentine 2010 Brushes, you can make any background or Valentine’s day card standout. A set of 21 one-of-a-kind Valentine’s day brushes, this set has hearts and floral accents that can make your work unique.

Happy Heart Attack


These are 9 hand-drawn heart brushes that will definitely add spice to your Valentine’s day card or layout.

Damned Brushes


This Photoshop brush set contains 6 awesome and damned heart brushes. It’s perfect for those going for an emo-feel on their designs.

Be My Valentine


This is a set of 29 brushes made in PS7 ideal for Valentine’s day card. It’s very convenient to use in prints since you don’t need to ask permission if you intend to utilize it.

Hearts Photoshop Brushes


Hearts Photoshop Brushes is a set of hand-drawn heart brushes that will look great on any love note or card.

Hearts in Motion


This is a set of motion brush that are scattered, textured, and works well with any color. It’s an ideal design not just for Valentine’s day but for any event.

Invitation Envelopes PS Brush


Composed of 17 medium-resolution images of romantic invitation envelopes, these romantic brushes will make it easier for you to create love or Valentine’s day theme designs. These brushes are made in Photoshop CS2 and have a resolution of about 500 pixels.

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