How To View Your Most Clicked Pins On Pinterest

Pinterest lets you get insights on which pins drive the most traffic to your website through Pinterest Web Analytics. Launched in 2012, this feature is beneficial for bloggers and business owners who utilize pins on their websites. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to view most clicked on Pinterest using the social network’s Web analytics.

How to track the most clicked pins on your interest:

Please take not that you will not be able to use Pinterest’s Web analytics if your website is not yet verified and have not switched into Pinterest’s new look.

  1. Hover over your name found at the topright corner of your Homefeed. Click Analytics. Track Most Clicked Pins on Your Pinterest
  2. Aside from Most Clicked, it will also display Site Metrics, Most Repinned and Most Recent.
  3. Select Most Clicked. This will show pins that bring the most traffic to your website. You can change the date for your results on the date menu located on the leftmost portion. Select MOST CLICKED tab to show your most clicked pins

Things you need to know:

  1. You can only retrieve data from the date you verified your website on Pinterest. There is no method to obtain Pinterest Analytics data before this date.
  2. Compared to other analytics tools, Pinterest can generate a different result. This is because Pinterest analytics is based on clicks and not visits. For instance, if a visitor clicked your pin three times within thirty minutes, it will register as three clicks. Google analytics, on the other hand, will only count it as one visit.
  3. You will be able to view Pinterest web analytics data a few days after you verified your website.
  4. Pinterest allows users to give feedback or report issues about Pinterest web analytics via this link.

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