how-to: view all people who +1’d or reshared your post in google plus

If on Facebook you can easily check who ‘liked’ or even ‘shared’ your posts, with Google+, you can also do and enjoy the feature.

This option is indeed helpful that you can easily track how far your post has gone. Did your brother-in-law like it? Do your colleagues love it that they shared it to their respective officemates? Do you want to know if your post has reached another country? This feature will report all the activities that has taken place so far, and hence will give you an idea what these people really like!

Luckily, we have two methods leading to the same page. Let me know which one is better!

Method #1

  1. Click the “drop down arrow” icon on a particular post, then select “View Post Activity”. Here’s a screenshot demo:
  2. Now you should everyone who +1’d, reshared or commented. Take a look at mine:

Method #2

  1. Click on the people who +1’d your post. Here’s a screenshot demo:
  2. Now you should see this:

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