How To View Your Most Repinned Posts On Pinterest

Business owners and bloggers can now understand how pinners are interacting with their content through Pinterest Web analytics. It gives them insights about how many people are viewing their pins, pinning from their website or clicking their content. Moreover, they can find out what pinners like and which pins get the most repins. This information is very valuable so they can modify the contents of their websites and boards. Here’s a walkthrough on how to view most repinned using your Pinterest web analytics.

Tracking your most repinned on pinterest (via analytics)

To access your Web analytics, you must have a verified website and switch to Pinterest’s new look.

  1. On the top right portion of your Pinterest account, hover over your name. Select Analytics. Select Analytics from the dropdown list.
  2. This will show Site Metrics, Most Recent, Most Repinned, and Most Clicked.
  3. Click Most Repinned. This will display the 100 most repined as of the date you selected. Take note that you can only view top pins from one day or the last 7 or 14 days. Click Most Repinned.

Things you need to know:

  1. You may modify the date range for your results. To do this, change the date on the left date menu then export your results by clicking Export tab on the rightmost portion.
  2. Pinterest began gathering data for verified website since November 1, 2012. However, only data from the date you verified your website on Pinterest will be shown. Pinterest will not be able to recover data prior to these dates.
  3. Pinterest web analytics can be different from other analytic tools since it monitors clicks instead of visits. For example, Pinterest analytics may yield higher clicks compared to Google analytics.
  4. If you have just verified your website, Pinterest web analytics data will be shown after a few days.
  5. You may report a data bug or send feedback through this link.
  6. Aside from most repinned, you may also view results for top pins in your website such as most clicked or most recent.

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