viral content buzz review: boost your social shares + blog traffic

So you’ve finally finished cooking up a great blog post. YAY for YOU!

Now what?

ViralContentBuzz Review - Boost Your Social Media Shares #socialmediamarketing #contentmarketing

Generate eyeballs!

You don’t just want to create content without getting it seen. Right?

You have to go around and promote your content across your social media profiles.

But sharing it to your current followers is not enough.

You need to get more people to promote your content for maximum reach.

Remember, the more people share your content, the more it spreads? Yup!

One of the best ways to do it? Use Viral Content Buzz. It’s one of my favorite places to promote my content.

What Is Viral Content Buzz?

Viral Content Buzz (VCB) is a platform that gathers content creators together and help promote each other across various social media channels.

This is how it works in simple English: Promote other members to get your content promoted.

The more you promote other people, the more credits you earn, the more social shares you generate.

They support: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and StumbleUpon. This means that VCB can help you get retweets, Facebook shares, Repins, G+ shares and StumbleUpon shares.

It’s definitely one of the best ways to generate real “buzz” around your content and drive more traffic to your site. Not to mention you can also meet other bloggers you can collaborate with!

It’s free, but you need to share other bloggers’ posts in order to generate shares. Don’t worry, you’re free to pick any articles and only share posts that interest you.

Alternatively, if you’re too busy to promote other people but want more social shares, you can purchase a subscription plan offered on their website.

Who Is It For?

Viral Content Buzz Review

All content creators (mainly bloggers, social media maven, internet marketers, etc..) are welcome but I’ve noticed that the most active users are blogging gurus, business bloggers, beauty (and health) bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, tech bloggers, and SEO and social bloggers.

Benefits Of Using ViralContentBuzz

  • Boost social media shares (from real users)
  • Boost social followers
  • Generate more website traffic
  • Get noticed by key influencers in your industry

What I love About It

  • FREE. Yes, it is!
  • Simple Login. You can easily sign up and login using social logins (Facebook & Twitter). No need to enter your username and password manually. Great for lazy (busy) people like me 😉
  • Active Members. Lots of active users everyday.
  • Quality Members. No spam content. They only accept quality posts and those with real social media accounts. I like that they actually monitor their users. I remember the time I posted a homepage link (well, it’s a blog post on the homepage) and they had to reject it because it’s a link to a homepage. That just means they follow a really strict rules and they don’t just allow anyone to post any type of content.
  • Friendly Staff. Well.. I love the founder itself, Ann Smarty! Very friendly and very approachable.
  • Ability to Schedule Posts. This is one of my favorite features, the ability to schedule posts! It saves you time and you don’t have to worry about flooding your followers feed.
  • Ability to View Interactions. You can easily view who shared my posts and the posts I’ve shared. I love it because I get to say “thanks” to my promoters. track who shares my content
  • Ability to Send RSS feed. VCB allows you to send your RSS feed directly to VCM for semi-automated sharing.
  • Easy To Use. It is SUPER easy to use. It won’t take you long to figure out how to do things on VCB. You drop your link with the title and description, select 3 categories, and done. Just like how you share to social media channels. Easily Add Content


Of course, it’s not perfect. Here are the CONS of using ViralContenBuzz:

  • The credits they reward you depends on the number of followers you have. For example, Twitter accounts with 100-999 followers, you only earn 1 credit per share so that might be really time consuming for those people with low number of followers. The other option is, increase your followers to increase your earnings per share (this might be a PRO to those who have large following).
  • The site can be quite slow sometimes when sharing multiple content together.
  • The “Pinning” feature takes extra work (although it’s very easy to do this). You have to copy and paste the URL of a pin to verify that you actually pinned a content. Well, I’m not a programmer so there might not have a solution for that yet. Hopefully they can come up with something soon to improve this feature!

Overall Experience: 10/10

ViralContentBuzz has been very VERY useful to me. I’ve been a member of ViralContentBuzz for several months and I love love it!

I’ve noticed a big boost on my social shares (especially my Twitter shares) since joining VCB.

So if you’re serious about getting more exposure for your website, you need to join VCB and I highly recommend it!


How to Use It:

Here’s an awesome video tutorial that can easily help you on how to use ViralContentBuzz:

More Guide:

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