viraltag review: schedule your pins on pinterest

ViralTag Review

When I first started my blog, I remember spending hours writing my posts, taking photos to match and uploading my content.

I had to manually pin my work, share it with my followers, and get ready to put up my next piece.

I found that the time I was spending manually sharing my blog posts with my following on Pinterest was taking away from the time I could spend on writing my content.

I decided I would start looking for tools to manage my time more efficiently, so that I could focus more of my energy on what I love: creating blog content.

I asked a few of my blogger friends what software they were using to schedule their social media posts, and a few of them recommended Viraltag.

So I gave it a shot, and it’s been super useful!

What is Viraltag?

ViralTag Dashboard

Viraltag allows you to create a content schedule across most social media platforms including Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Your content is automated and scheduled for posting at optimal times for maximum engagement.

It allows for things like recycling posts, reposting other popular content, and editing images with their Canva integration. You are able to measure the successes of your content in app with Google Analytics, and even coordinate collaborations with other influencers!

My first Impression:

I was most impressed with Viraltag’s promise of saving me time by scheduling my Pins on Pinterest. I am able to focus more of my time on creating content for all of you.

For me, this is HUGE! By using Viraltag, I am able to keep my content consistent without spending too much time actually in Pinterest. My followers are loving the consistency and pinning my content more often, thus driving more traffic to my page – So exciting, right?


Exploration: I find the popular images page to be a huge benefit to me. Why? Because it allows me to see what’s trending in my niche, what other bloggers are posting and what posts audiences are engaging with the most. This lets me know where I stand in the blogging pool. You know what I mean? It answers for me the question that all bloggers ask themselves: Is my content relevant?

ViralTag Dashboard

Scheduling: Again, this is huge for me. I love being able to schedule my pins. This takes a ten-pound weight off my shoulders. I am able to create a content schedule, put Pinterest Images together, and link my blog posts ahead of time. My readers know what to expect and when to expect it and I’m happy to be able to give them that consistency.

Design Tools: Viraltag offers in app Canva integration which is AWESOME! I love using Canva as it is. It’s super user friendly and great for someone who maybe doesn’t have stellar graphic design skills. I am able to create my Pinterest graphics quickly and they come out beautiful every time. This also rings true for Facebook and Instagram graphics as well. Viraltag x Canva gets a huge thumbs-up from me!

ViralTag Dashboard


As with any platform there are bound to be a couple gripes and to be honest, I’ve only come across one thus far: The App. In my opinion, it doesn’t allow for much usage.

You are able to view your scheduled posts, and upload an image for a new post but the features available on the desktop version don’t carry over. It’s not terrible, and totally not a deal breaker but I’m definitely hoping they step their mobile app game up soon.

Overall, Viraltag is a fantastic choice for bloggers looking for a cost-effective way to save time and organize Pinterest posts.

This is true for other social media platforms as well. Viraltag offers the option to pay monthly ($29) or annually ($278) which is great if you just want to get your feet wet vs diving right in.

I have no doubt that Viraltag was the best choice for me. It has allowed me to increase my following and spend more time creating content for you guys.

I definitely would recommend Viraltag to other bloggers, freelancers and business professionals looking to better manage their time and optimize their social media outreach.

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