Virtual Assistant Services

Time is money.
The easiest way to make more money?
Save time.

Virtual Assistant Toronto-Based

So, you’ve got a to-do list 4 miles long and your stress level is sky high.

You love your business but you’re starting to realize you can’t do every little thing yourself.

Well, you could, but you’d be working around the clock and doing tons of annoying tasks that you don’t even like. Little tasks that you could easily pay someone else to do…

But who?

We are the key to actually accomplishing your to-do list, streamlining your systems and getting things done.



We provide administrative, creative and technical services to busy professionals, small business and entrepreneurs.

You need a Savvy VA

Hiring a TwelveSkip VA is a no brainer because..

  • No office space or equipment is required
  • There is no need for you to waste time figuring out payroll taxes and benefits for your new staff member
  • Having a trusted professional to take care of all the “little stuff” frees you up to work on things that require your attention and ignite your passion

TwelveSkip Virtual Assistants do it all so you don’t have to. All you have to do is make 3 choices:

1. Would you like an “Internet Marketing” or “Basic Administrative Services” VA? (Want both, not a problem, our “All Around VA” is just for you!)

2. Would you like to pay your VA hourly or monthly? (We offer monthly retainer packages starting at 20 hours per month)

3. Time to delegate! What would you like your VA to do? Our VAs are highly skilled and can do any of the following for you.

  • Visual Design: graphics, blog images, website banners
  • Website Management: planning, designing, setup, plugin installation, updates, bug fixes, traffic monitoring and reporting, ON-site SEO, HTML & CSS work
  • Blog Management: content optimization, formatting, auditing, content creation
  • Social Media Management: setup, optimization, promoting, posting, interacting, scheduling, monitoring
  • Planning: social media marketing, blogging strategy, internet marketing
  • Internet Research: keywords, competitors, contacts, influencers, info, etc.
  • Apps Management: documenting, contact management, email management, PDF forms, Google Drive, Microsoft Word, Dropbox
  • Paypal: integration, invoice generation, processing payments

Need something done that you don’t see? Just ask!

Are you in?

Let’s Talk!

Imagine a world where your never ending to-do list is DONE. That’s the world a TwelveSkip VA will help you create and maintain.

You can:

  • Be more productive and less stressed
  • Increase your online visibility
  • Have more time to focus on developing your business, increasing revenue and taking care of yourself outside of the office
  • Have a team member who will do everything you ask to the highest standard AND offer you ideas, suggestions and strategies to enhance and GROW your business
  • Spend time developing your awesome ideas instead of putting them on the backburner yet again because you have to take care of logistical stuff