10 Best Virtual Assistant Websites to Inspire You (2023)

Supercharge your career as a virtual assistant through a fantastic social media page and website. Take inspiration from established virtual assistants and learn from their best practices. There are a couple of specializations you can explore such as social media, SEO, content management, and even website management. If you aren’t sure yet where to start, start with a website! Check out these 10 Best Virtual Assistant Websites to Inspire You.

10 Best Virtual Assistant Websites to Inspire You (2022)

1. Lauren Taylar

lauren taylar Virtual Assistant Websites

Offering strategic website management and SEO services, Lauren Taylor wows us with her lovely website. She chose light colours that brought out sure brought out her sweet and professional personality. Her knack for detail will surely win over clients without much effort. Moreover, she kept her layout balanced and classy which boosts her credibility at the same time. She also has a couple of call to action spread on her website, encouraging the audience to get to know her more.

2. Kajsa Nikole

A stunning virtual assistant website, Kajsa Nikole picked natural and earthy colours that added more depth and warmth to her personality. This made her more approachable and overall, get the attention of website visitors. Limiting her choice of monochromatic colours allowed her to drive more attention to her copy by putting it in white colour that stands out. She also added her Instagram at the end which shows more of her personality and also encourages them to connect with her too.

3. Courtney Weimer

courtney weimer Virtual Assistant Websites

Courtney Weimer has a website with a popular modern trendy layout. As a virtual assistant, she presents herself in the best light possible — someone who’s always on the go and a trendsetter. Her choice of colours and elements also adds a sense of stylishness which appeals more to fashion brands. She also kept her colours monochromatic which allowed her photos to stand out too. Moreover, there are also testimonials and a short introduction about who she is to get to know the potential client.

4. Kara Cahill

Building rapport is important with virtual assistants and Kara Cahill knows that. She immediately introduced herself and talked about what she had in store for her potential clients. To further get her point across and establish credibility, she also listed down how much life would be better with her help you. There are also other sections on her landing page such as her very own podcast, academy, and community that promotes trust between her audience too.

5. Keeping the Creativity

keeping the creativity

Keep your creative juices flowing with the stunning and sophisticated website of this virtual assistant. Keeping the Creativity definitely knows what they do and it shows in how they put together the website. She also added a photo of herself which immediately allows her visitors to connect with her and give her their full attention. Simply sleek, she played around with font styles, formats, and sizes to express what she does and leave an impact.

6. Salma Sheriff

Leave maximum impact with the help of Salma Sheriff, while also using her best practices. She helps aspiring clients to have a well-structured website that’s unique and helps the business grow in the long run. With impactful pink background and colour choices on the landing page, she then kept it minimal as you scroll down and get to know her more. Doing so directs the attention to read more and understand what she is trying to communicate. There are also a couple of testimonials ready for new clients.

7. Loran Elise Collective

loran elise Virtual Assistant Websites

With remarkable colour picks, Loran Elise Collective is one of the best virtual assistant websites to come across online. She kept her website modern and professional without going far from her brand personality. With one look, she was able to enumerate her services and mission with a call to action to close the deal. If the audience isn’t convinced yet, she then taps into their problems and explains how she can help them through her list of services.

8. Virtual Well Balance

Experts in Wix and web design, Virtual Well Balance knows how to design a lovely website. Their choice of colour is quite chic, definitely aligning with the brand personality. Furthermore, she prepared her copy as though directly communicating to the audience to build a connection. She then also presents her appearances and brands she was able to work with in the past to boost her credibility.

9. EC Virtual Services

ec virtual services Virtual Assistant Websites

EC Virtual Services has a playful yet professional website. They played around with soft and bright colours to add a fresh aesthetic that’s easy for the eyes. Not only that, but they also used shapes and elements in a way that’s directing attention to the copy. With each scroll, there is a pop of colour that separates each segment. This truly made it easier for the audience to absorb the content and also continue reading to know her brand.

10. Creations by Faria

Modern and sophisticated, Creations by Faria has a lovely balanced layout of short copy and images showcasing the services offered. She played around with earthy colours with an emphasis on brown and green. This also added a feel of comfort and authenticity — perfect for sustainable brands. Even the choice of font added a rustic feel that transcends time and stays relevant despite how fast the trends change.


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