Looking to maximize the ROI of your events business? Brand Glow Up offers proven web design and branding solutions to wedding planners in Toronto and beyond.

Businesses in the events industry thrive in systems and efficiencies. A website that promotes your service does just that! With the ability to walk clients through the packages, the process, and past projects, it simplifies your work and buys you time that requires your special attention. And performing at consistent levels, you get a partner that works for you 24/7.

Why Choose Us?

  • Artistic & Functional. Not all websites are created equal. At Brand Glow Up, we make sure to have you covered in the front-end and back-end. We don’t stop at stunning visuals and engaging content. We leverage evolving SEO practices, changing marketing behavior and trends, and current tech innovations to boost your investment.
  • Every client is different and so is every wedding planner. We aim to match you with your target audience. And so, we get to know you first—your story, your design philosophy, your process—before we go to the table and design the web or marketing strategy that your event planning business needs.
  • A full suite of digital services. We have top-notch marketing experts, web designers and developers, as well as content creators and graphic designers in-house. So, whether you just need help with a custom logo or need someone to handle all facets of the project, we can help.

Duplicate yourself and flourish with ease. Our team of web designers and developers, branding gurus, engaging copywriters, and exceptional graphic artists are ready to make a difference for your business.