10 Best Web Design Companies for Lawyers in Toronto

Growing your brand in the legal profession industry may take a lot of effort compared to typical business models. More than what we used to observe from offline marketing, building an online presence nowadays is essential. Having a professional website can make your business more credible and reliable versus competitors. With that in mind, we decided to put together a list that of web design companies for lawyers in Toronto that can help you achieve your goals and get leads online.

Best Web Design Companies for Lawyers in Toronto

1.Brand Glow Up

kace catering

Kace Catering, A Client of Brand Glow Up.

Mainly catering to luxury brands and professionals in Toronto, Brand Glow Up will always be the top-of-mind choice for you. They have been in business for over a decade – worked with many brands and acknowledged by known media in the industry. Feel free to check out their services. They have web design and development. Besides this, they also offer branding and design services as well as social media management. Surely, you can step up your game and reach your goals with this amazing company.

2.Cubicle Fugitive

Cubicle Fugitive is one of the go-to web design companies for lawyers in Toronto. They are an award-winning and full-service marketing firm that specializes in keeping it simple – from web design down to digital marketing strategies for your brand. Since they are experienced in crafting straight-to-the-point and compelling strategies for professional services, you are assured that you’re in good hands.


web design companies for lawyers

Goldman Hine, A Case Study of Bush.

With case studies already available on their website, Bush is not only a great web design company for lawyers but also a passionate one. In line with their willingness to explore and take the extra mile to study and craft a strategy for a law firm, you can already see their commitment. Besides being experts in content creation, they also design and develop websites for clients.

4.Arete Software

Offering digital solutions for businesses, Arete Software can be your go-to web design company in Toronto. They also specialize in the creation of web and app solutions that can help your business grow its list of clients. Further, you can go ahead and have the website of your dreams for less than $1,000. Book an appointment with their team and see for yourself how they can help you.

5.Kinex Media

Kotak-Law-Banner kinex media

Kotak Personal Law Injury Firm, A Client by Kinex Media.

Kinex Media is an excellent web design company to work with. They have an excellent website on their own and an impressive bunch of testimonials for their fine work. Established in 2008, they were also awarded by various media and publications in the industry. With their comprehensive list of services for website development, they have also tapped into various industries over the years.


Understanding the industry is truly the best way to deliver excellent work. Nerd! knows that best as they carefully studied how law firms work and how they can best help. Through web design and development, they can help you establish trust and credibility that are relevant especially in this industry. Further, they can also explore solutions and optimize your website to maximize search engines and generate more traffic.

7.Beam Local

beam local

Outshine your competitors and work with an excellent web design company in Toronto: Beam Local. They have a reasonable monthly rate that includes hosting and maintenance of your website as well. Perfect for law firms starting online, they can easily help you jumpstart your way up and generate leads like never before. Moreover, they covered everything inside your website – from copy down to SEO and domains. They got it all covered.

8.Neglia Design

Neglia Design crafts you the best website. They focus on your objectives and how they can help you achieve this. Further, they are true professionals and knowledgeable in terms of search engine optimization and crafting a mobile-friendly app. Great for start-ups or already established law firms who would love a credible and strong presence online.

9.Umbrella Legal Marketing

umbrella legal marketing

We have to say – their website is amazing. Umbrella Legal Marketing is one of the best web design companies for lawyers in Toronto that you can ever work with. Creative but maintaining a sense of professionalism appeal to their outputs, you are assured that you’ll get a website that best reflects you and your brand best. Set an appointment with them and explore what they can do for you.

10.Strategy Cube

Another committed web design company on this list presents an excellent case study for a law firm. Strategy Cube devises a plan to enhance what a brand already has and communicates it best to achieve business goals. They also implement web solutions along the way that can generate traffic and increase awareness at the same time. Moreover, this includes search engine optimization and linking websites to social media platforms.

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