11 Best Web Design Companies for Realtors in Toronto

High-value properties and real estate need to have a strong website and online presence that will surely impress clients. Beyond what meets the eye, a pleasing website helps people trust one’s credibility and expertise. With this in mind, they are more open to investing more in what you have to offer.

In this list, we rounded up ten of the best marketing agencies that are also web design companies for realtors. Check out what each can do for you and prepare to be the best version of your brand that’ll surely convert.

Best Web Design Companies for Realtors in Toronto

1. Brand Glow Up

A client of Brand Glow Up, Bellamy Loft.

Of course, Brand Glow Up comes in first on the list of the best web design companies in Toronto. They have an impressive portfolio of clients that range from start-ups to medium enterprises that are more than happy to share how far they’ve gone before they worked with this amazing agency. Besides their long list of clients, they were also featured and mentioned in several media and publications within Toronto. Such bliss to work with, they are up-to-date to the current trends and they can sure help you be a step closer to your goals.

2. Scale Up Agent

As experts in helping real estate startups and businesses scale their digital presence, Scale Up Agent offers a comprehensive range of services, including social media content creation and management, website design and development, and even photography services for properties or corporate headshots. Their team of professionals will work closely with you to create a customized strategy that caters to your unique needs and goals. Get in touch with them today and see your real estate business thrive on social media!

3. Kinex Media

From e-commerce platforms to start-from-scratch websites, Kinex Media is a good choice. They are a seasoned agency that has worked with several clients for years. Besides this, they love to work with start-ups as much as possible and coax them to make take the road they paved with a sure formula to reach their business goal.

4. Platinum Design

Platinum Design offers a straight-to-the-point and built-in package that makes it easier for businesses to work with. With their special bundle offer, you can get the best of everything you need into your website. They are experts in anything web-related so you are sure that your website is optimized and will generate whatever goal you set.

5. Solo Web Design

web design companies for realtors

A client of Solo Web Design, Wright Real Estate.

Another reliable choice, Solo Web Design offers a straightforward service. They create websites and craft them to fit whatever your business needs and what your objectives are. Whether it be a website portfolio for brand awareness or e-commerce to generate sales, they can optimize and add features that you would surely need.

6. Zarban

Located in Richmond Hill, Zarban is one of the best web design companies for realtors that you can find within Toronto. They have comprehensive web design samples that you can just flip and choose what you like for your business. Besides web design and development, they also offer digital marketing services that will help you maximize your online presence.

7. The Seo Hive

web design companies

Visit their website and see how The SEO Hive can help your real estate business. They have a minimalist yet formal website that sure will impress you. If they have a website that is great, it’s no question that they’ll make yours one of the best of your competitors. Further an impressive website, they are a web design company that is also results-oriented so they sure will help you have a website that generates traffic and sales.

8. Little Dragon Media

Little Dragon Media can be a bit intimidating because of their name but lo and behold, they are the most accommodating ever. They offer assistance for businesses in terms of web design and development. They sure go out of their way to deliver you exemplary results that will help you reach your goals.

9. Nerd

A client of Nerd, Toyota Canada.

More than just an insult, Nerd is one of the best web design companies for realtors in Toronto. They claimed to be a nerd and wielded it to be something they excel at. Truly excellent at what they do, and we have to say that they have an amazing website. They also worked with many clients from different industries since 2006.

10. Voofa

Voofa is last on this list but definitely not the least. As a web design company, they helped businesses and realtors grow their businesses. Also, they are an expert in different platforms and also great with SEO. Besides web design and development, they also expanded their service offerings to include branding and social media management. With them by your side, you’ll surely be able to build a strong online presence that’ll just transcend time.

11. Pixel Carve

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Pixel Carve is one of the best and go-to web design companies for realtors in Toronto and beyond. They grew to be reliable in building an effective and strong online presence for a brand within various industries. Now, they expanded their service to also offer digital marketing services that make them the perfect choice.

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