6 best web hosting companies for new bloggers 2016

Now that we are nearing the end of the year, you might ask whether the competition between web host companies will remain unchanged or not.

We have seen the different rise and fall of web host companies.

Some made it to the top and stays on the top, while start up web hosts are still struggling to keep both of their feet on the ground.

Take a look at some of these best web hosting companies for people who are just starting that and are predicted to dominate the industry in 2014.

PS: Please note that I’ve personally tried all of these (with my web design clients). I can register to be an affiliate with any web hosting companies anyway, but I choose to do business with only the best. All opinions expressed here are my own.

1. BlueHost


I love BlueHost! Period. The staff are super friendly and very helpful. If you’re using WordPress (or if you’re about to), I definitely recommend Bluehost!

It’s my #1 choice. They will make your life easier, trust me!

BlueHost has become the premier name in the industry of web hosting. Because of their unmatched plans, promos, and deals, BlueHost made it to the top.

They offer almost unlimited services with the right price: unlimited domain hosting – which you can host multiple domain names on your web hosting account, unlimited GB hosting space, unlimited GB file transfer, unlimited email accounts, free domain name (for a year), free site builder with templates and many other fantastic services.

With this, it is not difficult to understand why BlueHost is getting the lion’s share within the industry.

In 2014, BlueHost is seen to continue dominating the market. If they keep on improving their services and maintain unmatched promos, they might still continue rising above the competition.

2. HostGator

Next in my list is HostGator that boast of over 8 million clients around the globe. Like BlueHost, HostGator prides itself with its unlimited services and unlimited storage space and bandwidth.

The best thing about HostGator is that you will be able to create different websites in one account, which makes administration issues and problems at its lowest level.

There are many features that HostGator can offer you. While it is true that their lowest priced package don’t allow unlimited services, the rest of packages are extremely helpful. The overall user-friendliness of HostGator is definitely a great bonus for beginners.

For those who are experienced, they will still be happy with HostGator’s advanced customization and flexibility.

3. HostMetro

Host Metro

Have heard of HostMetro? If not, then it is your lucky day. HostMetro is relatively a new web host company and they have a lot to offer. Though it is a young company, it is owned and managed by web hosting gurus and veteran premier players in web hosting.

With a recent announcement of their arrival, HostMetro has a good start to kick off their debut. In fact, the number of their customers is increasing day by day and this trend is predicted to continue and grow next year.

If the company can sustain its growth, it is seen to be a threat to other already established competitors.

Maybe the primary advantage of HostMetro against other web hosting companies is their pricing. HostMetro offers $53.40 1 year hosting price and no increase for another year’s renewal.

Compare that to HostGator, iPage, and GoDaddy which will ask for additional money to renew your plan.

4. HostMonster

Host Metro

Another good choice, HostMonster can help you build your first website. The web host concentrates more on bringing functionality and fundamentals, rather than advanced usage.

So, if you’re planning to start a website and you have a goal to make it big; HostMonster might not be a good choice.

As this might be the case, HostMonster is a great option if you are looking to manage an average-sized website. The web host offer unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, and disk space.

There are really no problems with the limitation of HostMonster when it comes to expansion until you really need an upgrade.

Thus, if you think that you just need a minimum service, you can use HostMonster that comes with an affordable price.
So what’s the problem with HostMonster? The problem lies at the database restriction of the web host.

You can only have 2GB as a maximum storage capacity of your database and if you have other databases, then all of them should not exceed 3GB of storage size combined.

5. FatCow


Now, it seems that it should not be a name for a web host, but it is and it is creating big profit as well. FatCow takes the form of simple and yet highly functional web host.

If you want the simple life out of web hosting, then FatCow is one the best choice.

However, if you think that you want to really put your hands on the job, then FatCow may fall short to give you that request since the web host thrives in simplicity.

By doing so, you will have a limited way of customizing your website.

6. InMotion


InMotion seems to be an ordinary web host; however, don’t let that fool you. As simple as InMotion is, the web host can complete the job in the most satisfying way.

It has the basic features, packages, and plans that will help you start off your website.

When beginning to use InMotion, you will have the basic features that come along with your package. In case you want to improve or upgrade your website, you can easily opt for their premium features. All of which are affordable.

InMotion is known for its top notch customer services. They have tutorials and user forum available. You can reach them via phone as well 24/7. I believe this is the edge of InMotion compared to its competitors.

In this coming year, InMotion will still be a good choice for basic to average websites.

Final Word

These are some of the top web host companies in 2014. If you already have web host and plan of making a switch, you just need to choose one of the 6 web hosts I mentioned. You will less likely regret your choice. Be the best in your industry in 2014 with these hosting companies.

How about you? Who are you hosted with? How do you like them so far? I’d love to hear your feedback!

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