15 best website designs with parallax scrolling

Today, I am proud to present to you my great collection of websites I’ve come across that features Parallax scrolling.

I am a huge fan of the effect myself, and I can’t help but get inspired also with these website designs that use the effect too well.

Let’s take a look at some of the best designs I’ve come so far. Websites listed below are not ordered, and please, feel free to check them out for yourself.

1. Soundscape – Music for Brands


Featuring horizontal-scrolling parallax effect, Soundscape did the effect really well with a lot of interesting things to talk about. This Netherland-based company showcases their work together with other things like contact information while maintaining ease of use in their website.

2. Contrast Rebellion


You might find it hard to identify the effect we are talking about here in this particular website, but beneath the obvious surface you can find something interesting. The Contrast Rebellion’s website design is a manifestation of minimalism and simplicity, while maintaining the message they are trying to share to their visitors.

3. Bagigia


Wanted an inspiration of how you can incoporate Parallax scrolling to showcase your product? Bagigia does it right by giving its visitors a 360-degree view of the bag they’re selling. The progress bar at the bottom is also fancy enough that it takes the form of a zipper. Navigation is easy, and the photos used are also fantastic.

4. AirBrake MX Goggle of Oakley


Another great way to showcase a product, this website design features parallax scrolling in a special way. Debris and rocks coming from out of nowhere will try to fly around the page as you scroll along, while maintaining quality presentation of the product.

5. TokioLab


Short, quick, but amazing—this is how I define the website design by TokioLab. The design also features extensive use of typography in a very creative way. Also, you do not want to miss the list of best works on their portfolio section.

6. Cheese Please Game


Another quick website design, this website actually features a game as their main product. The design is also based on the game’s 3D objects, and the colors are but fun and enticing. Though the animations for the parallax are not smooth, you can still get some great inspirations out of this.

7. Sweez


From the name itself, you’ll know that they’re selling sweets. This impressive website design features the parallax scrolling effect along with a lot of design elements that make the overall website very mouth-watering. The design also includes overly big and small images, making it very appealing to users of different age groups.

8. Hot Dot


Get hot with this super-smooth parallax-scrolling website! Featuring floating objects and horizontal scrolling, this website is a winner in a lot of ways. Navigation is also easy, and the best part is that, you will be carried along with the overall design.

9. Pi’s Epic Journey


It can be pretty rare to have a life-changing movie that has a very good website. Going with the movie ‘Life of Pi,’ this website features the movie itself and the snapshots of how the film was made. Along with the website are videos also that you’d love to see, such as how the storm was invented, and how Parker (the tiger) got into the movie.

10. WildLife.LA


From the pointer design to the animations, this website design has a lot of features that will make your mood dreamy and full of scenes. I though this site was all about animals and other wild-life creatures, but they actually do more than just that. Check it out for yourself!

11. Trident Post-Production


Another design agency with a terrific website, this design features parallax scrolling to the full, i.e., from start to finish. Each section of the website also comes in various colors and images, and yes, this means that it may take some time to load. But for inspiration? Sure, this design is good enough.

12. Saddington Baynes


Saddington Baynes is another digital production agency with a website that makes you go ‘wow!’ The website features a window-size slider that scrolls by itself without user intervention, featuring great animations and cinematics as well. With all these breathtaking effects, who would not want to subscribe to their services?

13. OK Studios


If you want simplicity while maintaining superb user experience, OK Studios has a very good website as an inspiration. Featuring the parallax effect making the illusion of objects that float in front of you, this design is something that you do not want to miss as you go along doing your own designs.

14. Lois Jeans


Almost all main attractions in this site dance along with the Parallax effect, and thankfully there’s hardly any hiccups at all. The website features the brand name in a timeline fashion, showcasing their ‘works’ throughout the years. Luckily also, you can find convenience with the included navigation bar that sits atop the page no matter how long you scroll from top to bottom.

15. Intacto 10 Years


Want a cute, cartoon website with the power of the Parallax effect? Intacto 10 Years is a website with a tempting fashion for visitors of different ages. The design highly encourages active engagement from the visitors, and when you press the ‘‘Start’ button, get ready for a great interspace adventure!

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