10 Great Websites With Full Screen Video Designs

Nowadays, we cannot argue that technology is pacing fast, and every website we encounter is already upgrading to the latest trends, designs and colors. Since the introduction of new web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, people have wanted much more dynamic content in websites as well to show off more things and to cater a larger audience. One such way is to use full screen videos that play with the website as part of its creative design.

List of websites that use full screen video designs

Here are a bunch of awesome websites that use full screen video designs:

I Surf Because – Billabong

This has a nice surfing theme that even lets you create your own statement and choose your video on the site.

Life of Pi – Movie Website

The famous Life of Pie movie also has a full screen video design for promotion purposes.

Nike – Jordan: M6

This is a nice part of Nike’s promotional website that also allows you to choose different videos.

Addidas Design Studio

The Addidas Design Studio website not only has a full screen video and player, but you can also scroll down for HTML5-designed content.


Starsmith is a musician and producer, and the website and video design is quite ‘out of this world’ indeed.

Lukas Lindemann Rosinski

This is a very nice website / portfolio that not only have a wide website video design, but also has dynamic HTML5 effects that serve as the menu. It was creatively designed.

Random Dance

The video on this website is pretty much about dancing. The website has a minimalistic design.

Marisa Passos

This is a nice portfolio / graphic designer website that have a dynamic design as well. The video is a 3D spraying paint or liquid.

Diesel Vektr Headphones

This is a nice promotional website for a brand of headphones that has 3 videos depending on which product you choose.

DL Electricity

This is a site of an organization that handles art and lighting displays in Detroit. It also has a great website design other than the widescreen video.


Full screen videos can easily attract a large number of audiences, especially those who work with large tablets, internet TVs, large monitor screens and the like.

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