7 Websites To Find Funny Animated Gifs

Whether at Tumblr, web forums, or anywhere else in the web, an animated GIF provides great laughter, humor and the fact that you can express what you feel by a single image file that moves on its own. Aside from being a trend, posting animated GIFs are a great way of relaxation and break from the serious blues of work or school. In this article, we give you 7 of the best places to look for funny animated GIFs.

List of Websites to Find Funny Animated GIFs

Here are 7 great websites and places on the web to look for animated GIFs to keep you laughing at the edge of your seat:

1. Tumblr


It is quite obvious that most of the funny GIFs we encounter are from Tumblr, due to the site’s smooth interface and quick uploading services. Let’s just say that Tumblr was made for becoming the animated GIF and meme haven of online users everywhere. Just go to the search bar and type GIF combined with your favorite topic, such as ‘cats’ and it will do the search for you. If you want a daily dose of these things, simply make an account at Tumblr and watch your dashboard be invaded with moving pictures.

2. Awesomegifs


While Tumblr is more of a blog site, Awesomegifs is strictly for funny (and sometimes weird) animated GIFs for you to check out. The GIFs are sorted either by category or you can search by their tags. The site also has a neat guide that helps users to create and submit their own animated GIF for entertainment or expressive purposes.

3. Reddit


Reddit also has a lot of animated GIFs for you to enjoy. Just go to the link above (Reddit’s GIF subreddit) to browse and get your daily dose of moving pictures that are fun and stress-breaking. Most of the images posted on the site are actually from Imgur.com, so you might want to search there as well.

4. Gifsoup


The unique thing about Gifsoup is that it allows you to create an animated GIF right from an existing YouTube video! This works great if you need to share something interesting from a video but the site you’re posting it to do not allow videos. You can edit the videos to create your own funny animated GIF.

5. Gifs.net


If you are in need of family-friendly or utility GIFs that might also include funny ones, then Gifs.net is a great place to start. With a lot of categories and subcategories to choose from, the site is rich in resources for animated GIFs which you can use on your site, blog or any other place. Back during the ages of plain HTML websites, these kinds of GIFs were the hit, and it’s also nice to look back at them every now and then.

6. Photobucket


Aside from being a formal photo-sharing website or service, Photobucket also offers a wide variety of animated GIFs uploaded by various users. However, they are mostly unsorted but you can browse through the subcategories. They may not be as quality and funny as those on Tumblr or other sites, but they can also be useful.

7. KnowYourMeme GIF Page


Even though KnowYourMeme does not have a serious page strictly for funny GIFs, it has an article and a photoset for it, where you can browse for various and unsorted GIFs. If you want to find GIFs of your favorite memes, just search the meme’s page within the site instead.


Animated GIFs can refresh our minds once in a while, whether it’s funny, weird, or just plain amusing. Check out these awesome sites when you have free time.

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