12 Top Websites To Learn Html

You wake up every day, go straight to your computer to check your e-mails and to open your favourite social networking site, but do you realize what makes all those content possibly displayed on the web properly and seamlessly?

I still remember the years when web developers were only a few, but this was simply because the need for the internet was not yet that strong as that of today. Picking up from this reality, the exposure we have on the web nowadays is exponentially larger and more alarming than that of the previous years. As we are more ‘requiring’ of web content (information from the web) which may also come in other form of digital media, the more, then, we are inclined to getting technical to ‘blend’ with the transition to this obvious digital age.

HTML is one of the most basic programming languages that predominantly take place on the web, and like any other achievers we know like Mark Zuckerberg—the founder of Facebook, that programming language is but something that is almost forcefully thrown over us to making us discern if we can really learn it and hence take an edge of it for our own good. If you just had a gulp, it’s normal, but the point that I’d like to let you know right now is that, you can learn it.

Take a look at these fantastic online resources or websites that you can learn HTML without worries; ‘from the web for the web,’ so they say. Some of them are free, but all of them will not require you a lockdown with a schedule, hence you can learn at your own pace and at your own convenience. All you need is a computer to practice at, a steady internet connection, and some basic knowledge with Mathematics and the English language.

1. W3Schools


Get in and out of this school for free, and guess what, you can learn a real lot of things from this website—from simple HTML to even other programming languages that are currently and possibly involved with today’s web technology. Content are constantly checked for consistency and accuracy, and if you’re lucky to save a few bucks, take the certification program which can help you call yourself a professional web developer.

2. HTML Dog


Another free online reference-school for learning the basic technologies on the web such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. For our HTML needs, you can take advantage of how well the respective lessons are categorized and organized from top to finish. With the 11 ‘chapters’ provided, you can start with learning the requirements of HTML and end up mastering all the knowledge necessary for HTML programming, and will guide you into learning CSS and so on.

3. HTML Goodies


Almost getting similar with HTML Dog, HTML Goodies offer seven distinct ‘primer’ lessons to get you up and running with HTML. And like that of W3Schools, you can also even get introduced to HTML5, HTML tips and guide for handling social media and banners, and even handling and working with other programming languages such as ASP and Perl. The site is not that really well-designed which is pretty ironic, but at least you can freely interact in the comments section provided.

4. HTML.net


Too basic for a domain name it is, but HTML.net is solely aimed for learners and professionals alike. The goal of the website is to provide an organized learning environment which introduces HTML, CSS, and even PHP and JavaScript. Each topic comes in a list of lessons, and impressively, lessons can really be easily learned and understood from scratch. You may be required to do a lot of reading here, but what else should you do to learn comprehensively if not that way?

5. Open Opera Standards Curriculum


Just in case you are really a newbie to the internet technology and not on HTML per se, then check out this very comprehensive and very detailed online manual from the developers of Opera (another web browser). The link provided above leads you actually to the table of contents, along with an Introduction to the Web Standards. Included in all the goodies in this site are: history of the internet, information architecture, color theory, HTML, HTML5, Mobile web development, Javascript, and so on.

6. Codecademy


Probably one of the most known online tutorial site, Codecademy stands out as one of the most interactive resources to learn coding. Aside from the web fundamentals covering both HTML and CSS, you are also being entitled to learn other languages like jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby right away! You’ll learn not really by chapters or lessons prepared, but interestingly, a ‘robot’ will teach you how to code and start your new website.

7. A Beginner’s Guide to HTML & CSS by Shay Howe


With a very beautiful website design to inspire you, Shay Howe—the creator of the website—takes you into a very easy but enjoyable journey to learning HTML and CSS in one go. Lessons are grouped into 10 divisions covering topics like terminology, syntax, model & positioning, forms, lists, typography, and a lot more. Since it is also a blog, you can also enjoy other resources and links, and even follow Shay on social media sites for updates.

8. How to Make a Web Site: The Complete Beginner’s Guide – Lifehacker


I am proud to learn that Lifehacker provides a very handful list of resources to learning HTML and CSS in a book-like form. Lessons are grouped into five parts namely: understanding and writing HTML, Styling and CSS, A Site from Start to Finish, Choosing a Host and Launching Your Site, and Additional Resources. In short, what you get are lessons that will pull you up in the air with a real good online presence of your own.

9. Design and Code Your First Website in Easy to Understand Steps – NetTuts+


Almost offering the same service as that of LifeHacker, NetTuts+ provides a different perspective to learning HTML and CSS in one go, i.e., without flipping to another page and only looking on screenshots plus reading some few texts. Topics covered range from simple required materials to making a mock-up, designing a landing page using Photoshop, slicing images and other elements, coding them to your code editor, and so on. You learn some extra skills here but you don’t really get a real comprehensive load of knowledge.

10. Easy HTML Code


If you want to learn HTML the easy, distraction-free way, without reading too much text, then Easy HTML Code does the job well to ease you out. There are nine lessons covered for HTML alone, and included are lessons about using tags, graphics, links, tables, and even handling attributes and lists. Each lesson is quick, is straightforward, and contains the most essential knowledge for you to start a professional website.

11. Become a Certified Web Developer


If you are ready to pull out some good cash, then this course is so terrific that you don’t want to miss it. Coming with Master Trainer Mark Lassoff, this course introduces you to HTML and CSS in a very comprehensive manner, and since they are video tutorials, you can learn more easily and effectively. In addition to these, you will also be introduced even to other programming languages like PHP and MySQL, and eventually, if you’re done, an awesome certification will be rewarded to you for completion.

12. 30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS


Another collection of great video tutorials, this course will teach you the basics of both HTML and CSS as the founding composition of a modern working webpage. In this course also, you will be introduced to other necessary topics like Zen Coding, frameworks, snippets, and even slicing PSD files. If you wanted to learn fast without stressing your eye out in reading, take this course!

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