10 Best Wedding Planner Website Inspirations & Ideas (2023)

Weddings are once in a lifetime. With this in mind, wedding planners intend to make a lasting impression to impress brides-to-be. One best way to do so is through a website. In coming up with a wedding planner website, keeping it sophisticated is good advice. Now to get started growing your career as a wedding planner, we rounded up 10 Best Wedding Planner Website Inspirations and Ideas you can use.

10 Best Wedding Planner Website Inspirations & Ideas (2022)

1. Bridal Bliss

bridal bliss wedding planner website inspirations

The pop of colours makes the Bridal Bliss‘ website a true bliss to the eyes. They came up with a range of colours that are sophisticated and complement well with the brand personality. Also, there are rose gold accents that elevate the whole layout to another level. Moreover, they added wedding photos in each segment to tell a story and eventually establish a connection with the audience. There are call-to-actions spread across the website to nudge the customer to take action and book an appointment.

2. Soo Events

With one look, Soo Events evidently chose to lean more towards a minimalist design. They played around using photos as section breakers and directing attention toward their website copy. With their storytelling intent, we love their choice of serif font in brown and greyish black colour that is easy on the eyes. They also added a section to showcase their awards and acknowledgement from industry leaders.

3. Blush & Bowties

blush and bowties wedding planner websites

Blush & Bowties is one of the stunning wedding planner website inspirations that you can visit. They leave a dramatic effect by having a full-screen black and white photo of a bride. This generally adds depth and more class to their brand. Neatly, there are sections with copy that further communicates their intent to tell stories of couples and inspire love. Not only that, but they also included their services and what they bring to the table — making it readily available for potential clients which narrows the indecision.

4. Phaedra Events

With a timeless look that is emphasized by sticking to a black and white motif, Phaedra Events make the most out of it by having a navigation bar on top. Furthermore, they also added a quote overlay above the photo which adds more personality to the brand. After a short introduction of the company, they also allotted space to showcase their press mentions with the call-to-action encouraging audience to get to know them more. There are also links available for their portfolio, journal posts, and more.

5. Engaged & Inspired

engaged and inspired wedding planner website inspirations

Taking inspiration from the clean interface of Instagram, Engaged & Inspired took this to showcase their projects in the past. This goes to show how confident they are and at the same time, encourages the audience to take a look around and get a feel of what this wedding planner can deliver to the bride-to-be. Surely, this is an easy way to impress those who aspire to have a similar wedding to their portfolio.

6. Weddings by Lisa Nicole

Designed with the sales funnel in mind, Weddings by Lisa Nicole did it with class. The website is minimalist but they played around with the use of sans serif and handwritten script fonts — adding a feminine and soft personality to the brand. Furthermore, they focused on communicating who they are and how they can help clients get the wedding of their dreams through easy to scan copy in bullets. There are also photos to allow them to visualize this too.

7. Ruffles & Tweed

Ruffles & Tweed wedding planners

With class and sophistication, Ruffles & Tweed wows us with the slideshow on their landing homepage. This already shows the audience what to expect from them as wedding planners. Since the first impression is set, they can limit bounce rate and further encourage these to get to know the business more.  The choice of font and contrast between colours let us know how two different things can still work together to bring us something as sophisticated as their website.

8. Lisa Presnell Productions

Without many graphics and elements, Lisa Presnell Productions banks on the importance of great copy. They encourage the audience to take the time to read and capture their attention through personalized web copy. This can actually be a hit or miss but one thing is for sure, those who read on sure grew fonder towards the company and increases the likeliness to book appointments. Overall, this is also a good way to screen leads.

9. K. Hancock Events

K. Hancock Events

Modern and elegant, K. Hancock Events impresses us with their play on elements that added dimension to the website. Quite unique, they sure stand out from other websites which piques the interests of the audience as well to get to know them. Minimalist yet professionally playful, they have top navigation and different section that showcase the business and what clients need to know more about. There are also call-to-action which can help drive interaction with the wedding planner, leading to closed sales.

10. Karissa Coffey

Karissa Coffey delivers us a website that brings a sense of hopefulness and dreaminess. Parallel to weddings, they communicate each photo to touch the hearts of the audience — touching on our aspiration for something blissful. Furthermore, they also have a full gallery on the website to showcase their previous projects too and let the client get to know them more first.


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