Bmr Writing: What Is It?

Your Page Rank is very important. It makes users understand how credible your website or blog is. It makes visitors think that they will surely be dropping on a very safe and efficient zone for whatever it is they are looking for, whether it be a product, an information, a contact detail, etc. With a good page rank also, your website will get a better reputation to search engines like Google. The latter means only one specific thing: you will absolutely gain more visitors the longer you stay on the top of the list.

Absolutely each and every page you may visit has its very own unique calculations, and that is hardly presentable unless you know how search engines index your site. Indexing your site can be really tedious, but as Google does it, they use intelligent crawlers or spiders to ‘crawl’ each page to check for identity, spam, content value, and a lot more. It’s not our job to learn how search engines do the calculations; our only job is to find out what best makes our own pages optimized for search engines. This method, we all call as search engine optimization (SEO).

The SEO is a very complex method as, contrary to its simple goal of making a website higher in ranking, the procedure and the instruments used are very complex if not technical. Moreover, the optimization procedure does not stop in one go as you’ve observed when designing a website: since search engine protocols are always internally updated every time to provide better functions in their job, optimization must also take the same pace and must always be done to keep sites updated (not to mention how the competition is trying to race with that of yours along the way). It is not enough, then, to tackle SEO in this article, but this essential knowledge should give you a bigger and better picture of what BMR is all about.

Build My Rank

The idea behind BMR or Build My Rank rooted from the sellers’ desire to get on top of the competition online by making their page rank score significantly higher without directly being into the Black Hat SEO methodology. Black-hatting is opposed to white-had SEO, and this essentially means you do the ways contrariwise to the expected method, with the aim at tricking search engines into thinking something else.

Build My Rank started out as a network of blogs designed to boost sellers’ opportunity to gain a higher page rank through serviced backlinks. The network, (actually, a website—formerly which was shut down by Google back in March 24, 2012 along with other networks, started out the idea of BMR Writing: a dedicated type of online content writing wherein its writers would create a huge load of articles for submission to these networks. These articles are the ones to be sent back and forth to different private blogs as backlinks, and in return, the bulkier the load of articles being submitted for review and online publishing, the higher the chance of traffic, terminating to a higher page rank.

The articles expected for BMR aren’t that much as a typical article or blog writing. The goal of the submission is to gain rank through quantity and not quality. Search engines like Google do not pick out the gist of every contents, but only crawls through numerical values and probability calculations. This means that it is not necessary to develop real good articles that will build a good audience; you only need a quantifiable article of about 150-500 words with a perfect grammar and structure for them to be accepted by the network.

BMR Writers

Writers in this particular kind of work are expected to produce more articles which are not necessarily persuasive in content, though it would of course be better if so. There’s not a required training for a writer to be truly qualified, though some qualifications as listed below are expected:

  1. A comprehensive understanding of the English language, its usage, grammar and structure;
  2. A good understanding of some SEO elements like using keywords, keyword density, and word count;
  3. A good typing speed and knowledge in using basic word processors;
  4. Credible performance to submitting the load of articles on time and even on demand;
  5. (Preference) Knowledge in content-management systems (CMS) like WordPress.

BMR Writers are usually expected to have a fast turnaround when doing the job. Popularly, one is required to do around 30-50 articles within a day or two, or better, around 10 articles per hour, and this count may vary depending on the signed contract. Articles to be written will be based on specific keywords, though sometimes, keywords density is ignored as a rule. The pay usually starts with 75cents to $2 for each article, which means one can only get well-paid only if he’s willing to do the bulk.

Final Guidelines

There are around a lot of similar networks existing these days that Google might have still ‘missed’ in its attempts as what happened with BuildMyRank. Whether such networks be considered as black-hatting or not is still an argument, but the idea behind BMR networks is that they all want to make the tedious SEO tasks a lot easier. To be on top of rankings is an achievement, and that kind of progress does include a real lot of dedication of time and hard work—SEO work, to be specific.

Advertisers or sellers, then, are not totally advised to go into these networks that promise to do the ‘heavy lifting’ for them because Google is always on the hunt. If you as an advertiser would make a decision, it is always good to go for the guys with white hats, those who really are proficient with SEO. Though they do not objectively promise a PR1 (Page Rank 1) and being on the top of every search, at least what they will do will surely keep your site and every of its pages safe, optimized, and most especially, Google-friendly.

On the other hand, instead of BMR Writing per se, you may want to call such writing as SEO Writing. SEO Writing involves almost the same rules such as using keywords, but aside from adding more elements like properly arranging and highlighting contents or words, the task would also involve the use of content substance to harvest trust from potential clients and visitors. SEO Writers are well-equipped with some basic SEO principles. They know what they are writing, they do research, and their goals are more than simply creating tons of submissions just to make something appear ‘big.’

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