What Makes a Good Marketing Essay

A marketing essay must be flawless. To achieve this, the use of an essay editor is essential. Logically putting down ideas, with the aim of capturing the attention of the target population is vital too. Marketing essay writers understand the primary meaning and format of essays. However, most of them fail to write an outstanding essay. Understanding the meaning of the topic is the key to writing a flawless marketing essay.

To effectively write a marketing essay, a writer must understand the following;

1. Meaning and Context of Marketing

Being a complex process, a writer must state the meaning of marketing, i.e., The process of developing a product, determining its prices, selecting the channel of distribution and implementation of a promotional strategy, and consequently give details of bettering each step.

2. The Target Audience

A writer must understand that the product under question may interest only a segment of the population. As such, the writer must fine-tune the research and the findings to fit this particular segment.

3. The Attractiveness of the Title and Introduction

The title and the introductory part of a marketing essay determine the attractiveness of the essay. As such, these sections must catch the attention of the reader. Writing a catchy title as well as writing a powerful introduction is highly vital.

4. Entertaining

The marketing essay must contain information that is relevant, verifiable and easy to understand.

5. Marketing Framework

It is important to understand in details the components that work together to bring into action the marking strategy, merely because it simplifies the action plan in the marketing process.

6. Well-articulated Objectives

The writer creates clear objectives for the marketing strategy. These objectives set out a clear pathway for efficient marketing and thus writing a flawless essay.

7. Platforms for Marketing

A writer must Understand the platforms for marketing. This eases the process of marketing. Examples of marketing platforms include traditional marketing, social media, online advertising and offline marketing. Each of the above platforms requires a clear understanding of its specific marketing framework for effective marking. For instance, social media marketing will require the creation of Facebook, Twitter or blogs for purposes of posting products.

8. Revising, Editing and Formatting

The revision aims at bettering the essay. Here, the writer can either add or eliminate information and ideas from the essay. On the other hand, editing concerns itself with use of language, i.e., spellings and grammar. Formatting means the basic structure of the essay; a writer must follow the specific format given.

A marketing essay has an introductory part, the body, and the concluding section. The introductory part must be precise. The major points stand out logically in this section. In addition, the writer indicates the marketing platform to use in the essay. In the body, the writer points out the details of the framework. Additionally, the writer, states how practical the framework will work better than any other in the same region. The information should be watertight. In the concluding section, the writer gives an opinion and recommendations. Besides, the writer summarises the major ideas given in the essay.


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