Why Businesses Should Have a Website



As technology advances, we have entered a digital era where everything is available and accessed on the internet. This also applies to the corporate sector, requiring businesses to establish a strong online presence for consumer engagement and improved sales.

Statistics show that there are around 4.9 billion internet users worldwide, making it essential to use a website for your marketing strategies to be regarded as a credible business and to reach a larger audience. Keep reading as we look at why every business should have a website as part of their advertising plan.


1. Saves Time

People are likely to research your product online before making a purchase decision. They can learn about the price, color, size, brand, and features through your website. Additionally, websites can include directions and maps for visitors to easily find your company stores or offices if they plan to visit in person.

Providing a quality product or service typically results in word-of-mouth expansion of your business. A website can improve your credibility, giving a positive impression that your organization is successful and trustworthy.


2. A New Customer Base

These days, individuals are always looking to find new and exciting things on the internet, foregoing old-school, traditional methods of seeking information, such as the Yellow Pages or newspapers. Potential consumers who are unaware of your existing marketing campaigns can be targeted with a website.

A comprehensive website can attract many people that previously had yet to learn about your company. Building a website and promoting it using blogging, content marketing, and videos are recommended so you can retain new customers and skyrocket your sales.


3. Stand Out from the Competition

The corporate sector is rampant with competition, making it challenging to climb to the top. Offering services or selling products with a well-structured website will take you a long way in increasing your sales. While many businesses have websites, most are poorly designed and tarnishes the organization’s reputation.

You can contact web design agencies like Bizango if you want a professionally designed and SEO-friendly site. They are experts in what the current market trends are and what’s currently popular with your targeted audience. Compared to a poorly designed website, a professionally designed one is preferred twice as much. Designing a website and incorporating quality content, videos, and graphics will help convert leads into customers.


4. Referrals

Referrals are an excellent way of attracting new customers to your business. Don’t hesitate to add a ‘send to a friend’ link on your site’s webpage so that your existing clients or visitors can send the link to their loved ones who might be interested in your services. This method will help increase the number of your referrals. Additionally, you can offer a bonus or discount to your existing and new customers, ensuring your company is likable and regularly retains customers.


5. Builds Trust

Most individuals typically prefer to make purchases from brands or businesses they know. When you establish a strong relationship with your prevailing clientele through your website, you will allow them to learn more about you and your company. They will feel more comfortable and trust that you only have to offer them the best.

Include pictures of yourself and the core team on your site to portray the more ‘human’ side of your business to your clients. Once you do this, you will notice that customers are more likely to get in touch and communicate with you. You should also be active on social media and post informative videos.


6. Showcase Your Skill Set

Assuming that a website is one of your targeted demographic’s first interactions with your brand, you can completely control your business setup. You can place your offerings with features in a section and provide downloadable PDF instructions or short video tutorials on how to use your product. Highlight every feature, award, and testimonial you can to alleviate your viewers’ pain points. This can sway their decision to contact you and will increase the time they spend looking at your products or services.


7. Organic Traffic

An online SEO website ensures that you have a higher chance of showing up in search engine results, whether Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine. People who are looking for products or services similar to your brand will come across your website when they search online, significantly increasing your consumer base.


8. Digital Marketing

If you plan on increasing your leads and growing your business by leveraging digital marketing, your goal should be to drive traffic to a landing page or website. You can achieve this by leveraging traffic that has been delivered to your website, ensuring you obtain considerable ROI on your ad spend and reach highly qualified customers. You can’t set this up retroactively, so the best option is to have your website running as soon as possible even if you’re not running any ads currently.


9. Overseas Opportunities

People from around the world can find your business if you set up a website. For example, if you offer products that can easily be sold online, you can significantly increase your consumer base by promoting your services beyond your marketing efforts’ geographical reach.


10. Announcements and Updates

Since a website ensures that you are available 24/7, you can easily post announcements and updates for your customers. Regardless of your time zone, your customers can access information at whatever time is convenient for them, and can stay up to date on your latest offers and events. The chance of upselling them increases when a product or service particularly relevant to them is posted on your website.



Setting up a website can considerably impact your business’s success. Nowadays, an online presence is becoming an essential aspect of operations and helps to boost sales and profits. The revenue generated can be invested into other parts that will make workflow processes even more efficient. There are various reasons to develop a website for your company; if you haven’t already, now is the time to make one.

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