Why SEO is Important for Your Business

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For as long as search engines exist, SEO will never be a thing of the past. So, businesses must take their SEO seriously. Sure, there are a lot of marketing strategies that drive engagement and traffic. But many of these are costly. SEO, from agencies such as Strategic SEO Solutions, on the other hand, is capable of providing the same set of benefits, and the difference is that it sets you up for long-term success. What else are the specific reasons why SEO is important for your business? In this article, we’re giving you the top reasons that will compel you to take your SEO to a whole new level.


Establishes Your Credibility

Appearing on top of search engine results instantly gives the searcher an impression that you’re an authority and that you have the industry-relevant deep knowledge to share with them.

Studies show that the first page of the search results that Google displays get over 90% of traffic. That’s why you need to land a spot in there, especially if your direct competitors land on the first page, too. The further your placement in the search results, the lesser the chance people will be clicking on your page.


Brings Organic Traffic to Your Website

How many times have you looked up a particular query and landed on a website you’ve never visited before? Just like anyone else, countless times for sure!

That’s why your SEO-friendly content should answer the questions people are looking up online. Whether they care so much about these topics, or they’re just plain curious, discussing these topics in your blog is one of the cheapest ways around to bring traffic to your website.


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SEO Helps You Understand What Your Target Customers are Looking for

Keyword research tools bring you a plethora of ideas about what your target customers are seeking. Perhaps, they’re seeking not just about any shirt. They’re after sustainably made tees crafted with organic cotton. If you’re a clothing retailer, this is an opportunity to review your product catalog and improve existing products there. After finding out what your target customers intend to buy, you can even come up with a completely new line of products that will satisfy their needs and wants.

Here’s the point: people change. Some of your loyal customers may seem not to care back then about whether this product is eco-friendly or not. But as they learn about the environmental impacts of the fashion industry on the planet, they become more meticulous buyers, supporting only sustainably made products. As a business owner, you need to adapt to this change.


An SEO-friendly Website Means a User-friendly Website

High-quality content that solves a reader’s pain points isn’t the only thing you need for an SEO-friendly website. It’s just a puzzle piece of the bigger picture. Crucial elements also include speedy load times, responsive and mobile-friendly interface, and seamless navigation. After all, who wants to wait for five solid minutes just for a page to load? Nope. Thanks but no thanks. We’ll just look elsewhere.

So part of why your business needs SEO is that it compels you to improve your website’s overall user experience. The more people enjoy the usability of your site, the bigger the chance these leads become buyers and then buyers into loyal fans of your products and services.

If you don’t know where to start and if you don’t have much SEO knowledge, there’s a good reason why startups should work with an SEO agency.


SEO can Influence a Customer’s Buying Decision

“In what way?” you might ask. These days, everything is Google-label. Oops! Sorry for inventing a term you won’t find anywhere in the dictionary. The point is that people are increasingly becoming more informed buyers. Thank the internet for that. Everything is searchable now. From the best micro SD cards to the most comfortable socks, you can now scrutinize a bunch of options available to purchase the most suitable product for your needs and personal aesthetic.

So, for instance, you have a store that retails different kinds of bags. There are backpacks suitable for travelers, backpacks that look so chic for school girls, and sophisticated shoulder bags for women working in the office. You can create listicle-type articles that provide suggestions such as 7 Stylish Bags for Every Woman’s Big Office Comeback, 10 Functional Backpacks for Every Camper, and more other topics that revolve around your products. Then, include product suggestions hyperlinked to specific products in your catalog. Clearly state the available eCommerce fulfillment options too.


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Local SEO Drives Not Just Website Traffic But Also Physical Location Traffic

There’s a local revolution going on right now. And because we’re gradually adapting to the new normal way of living after two years of quarantine, most of us want to experience the joy of eating out and on-site shopping more frequently once again. Putting your physical business location’s address on your website and social media accounts, as well as your contact information, is favorable to your local SEO.

Suppose you’re running a profitable burger joint. Then, people look up the query “best burgers near me.” Your location and contact information will do good for your business. You might just appear on top of the local search results!


Provides Quantifiable Data

Quantifiable data won’t lie. They can give you insights on how you’re currently doing in terms of your digital marketing, online reputation, and what more you can improve on to bring more visitors to your website.

If you have an in-house analytics team, they can help you figure out what these data mean for your business now and in several months or years to come.


Bring Your A-Game for Your SEO

SEO can set your business up for long-term success by driving traffic, engagement, and sales to your website or even your physical store itself. When you excel at SEO, it will position you as an authority in your industry. So make sure you implement the best SEO practices for your business. And if you’re not sure where to start, you can always outsource it to expert SEO agencies.

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