Why Video is More Important than Ever for Brand Building

Branding is important to the success of any business. There are literally millions of businesses out there offering the same products or services and competing for consumers’ attention, time, and money. Any business that wants to stand out must make conscious efforts to effectively communicate who they are, what they do, and why they are the best choice to consumers. This process is called brand building. 

There are several elements of brand building and one that continues to increase in popularity is video. Remember the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. A video may well be ten thousand words. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of video for brand building. 


Why Use Video for Brand Building?

The reason for using videos for brand building is simple – people love videos. And we gotta give people what they want, right? Videos have to be shown to bring tremendous improvement to brand awareness, traffic, and sales for businesses of all sizes. So, it’s a strategy that works. 

You already know videos require more effort and maybe more budget than other media such as blog posts. But the results make the efforts worth it. And if you are going to use video for your brand building, be sure to use it right. 

This means planning your video properly, using professional equipment, and editing which is where the real work lies. Adding background music makes videos more effective and you can easily do this by using royalty free music. For those not familiar with royalty free music, it’s music that you can use for any purpose by paying a one-time licensing/permission fee. This way, you get to avoid the troubles that come with using rights-managed music.


Benefits of Video for Brand Building

Below are some of the benefits of using videos for brand building;


Video Showcases Your Complete Brand Identity

Video represents the best medium to showcase your brand’s identity. Blog posts tell people about your company’s ideas, concepts, brand tone and voice. Photos give people a visual representation of your business while videos combine both the elements of blog posts and photos. It’s essentially the best of both worlds.


Video Builds Trust

One of the goals of your brand-building efforts is to build trust with consumers. It is only when people trust you that they’ll patronize you and video is an excellent way to build trust as it creates the strongest emotional connection with potential customers. 


Video Educates Better

There’s no better way to explain how your products or services work than to make a video about it. This is the reason why many businesses have “explainer videos” on their websites. You don’t always have to create a live video though. Depending on the concept you are trying to explain, you could also use an animated video. 


Video Engages Even the Laziest Buyer

Video is easy to consume, allowing for engagement with even the laziest buyers. And this makes video a powerful tool for your brand-building process. 



As you can see, your brand stands to benefit a lot from using videos. Thankfully, it’s becoming more affordable to make videos. Your creativity and understanding of human psychology are key determinants of how well your videos will perform. But remember not to overcomplicate things. Simplicity is almost always best. 

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