Why Your Brand Should Care More About the Environment

Does your company care enough about the environment to make an impact? What are you doing to be greener and how does it contribute to your industry and your local community? Your brand should care about the environment and keep things pristine for future generations.


Do Customers Really Care About Your Environmental Impact?

You might wonder how many of your customers care one way or the other about your brand’s carbon footprint. A recent Forbes article reported around 87% of consumers have a positive impression of a brand that strives to help with environmental or social issues.

The key is figuring out which issues you care about, how it coincides with your customers’ desires and what isn’t too controversial. If you choose a topic where people are passionate on both sides of the fence, you risk losing half your customers.

Most people can get behind making the world around them better for themselves and their children. What are some reasons your brand should care more about the environment and make more of an effort?


1. Save Money

Improving the way you use resources can save your company money in the long run. If you install solar panels, it may create more expense in the short-term, but you’ll save on energy costs in the future.

Look for the things that cost you a lot of energy consumption and find alternatives to both cut usage and expenses. The ones that are green afford an opportunity to build local goodwill while also helping your bottom line.


2. Choose Recycled Packaging

The impact you have based on the supplies you order can be significant. For example, LDPE production requires a lower amount of energy than many other methods. LDPE films and resins utilize a more efficient procedure than chipboard and corrugated products.

The items are also much easier to recycle later. Look for supplies that are recycled or made from sustainable materials. However, also pay attention to the manufacturing process and how much of an impact it has on the environment.


3. Keep Top Workers

Millennials and Gen-Zers care about the environment and improving it. They can get behind working for a company that is green. You don’t want to lose a highly qualified individual because they can’t stomach the pollution you put into their local neighborhoods, for example.

It’s smart to ask your workers what they’d like to see you do to make your company more environmentally friendly. They may have ideas you haven’t thought of.  You could also offer paid time off specifically allocated to volunteering to do something green locally, such as pick up trash in a local park or build a wildlife reserve on your property.


4. Seek Green Partners

Think about the services you use and how green those companies are. Everything has a trickle down effect, and if you really want to make a difference, you’ll choose brands with your same vision for eco-friendly practices.

There are around 1.9 billion websites, which means there are tons of web hosting companies to compare. If all other factors are equal, what green practices make them most desirable to you? Do you want a hosting company that runs its servers on solar energy, for example?


5. Beat Regulations

Many areas are implementing regulations to ensure companies meet basic environmental practices. By embracing green practices now, you may not need to make any changes if such rules begin in your locality.

Talk to green business specialists about doing an audit and helping ensure you meet current and future requirements for your industry.


It’s the Right Thing To Do

Sometimes your brand just needs to do what is best for your customers and your employees. Making even small changes can reduce your carbon footprint and make your company environmentally friendly. Look for things to improve daily, and over time you’ll have a top eco-friendly brand.

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