Why your business should use Heras fence covers

Heras fencing consists of individual mesh panels that are coupled together using couplers and bracing blocks. Each panel of Heras fence is made from a mesh designed metal grid and tubular-shaped framing poles. You often see heras fencing on construction sites and upcoming development projects. Heras fence banners are the perfect way to increase privacy on a site whilst at the same time offering a blank space to market that specific project or other brands and products.

Why should your business think about heras fencing covers for a site with heras fences present?


Heras fence covers for safety on construction sites

There is a legal requirement when it comes to heras covers on construction sites. There are a few different reasons why you might want to install heras fence covers, but the priority is to think about the health and safety regulations within the construction industry. There is a requirement for perimeter fencing to prevent children and passers-by from climbing the barriers. This should be made with mesh to stop children from gaining entry accidentally. Bespoke heras fence covers are designed with construction sites in mind, showing off the brand of the project and the company working on it, whilst offering a robust and durable perimeter fencing cover that can withstand the elements and heavy use.


Heras fencing banners for marketing

As you can see, heras fencing banners can be used to increase marketing and have an impact on how passers-by and others perceive your brand as a business. Above we mentioned how construction companies can showcase their branding around the perimeter of a site they are working on. This is an immediate way to show potential future customers how your contractors work and what type of construction projects you work on. This helps to enhance brand reputation within the local area around a site, gets people talking about your brand and business, and helps to build trust with people, as they are more likely to respond when they can physically see what your company is all about, rather than taking a risk on a brand-new company and service.

Enhancing marketing through the use of heras fence covers helps to increase the visibility of your brand, it helps to build a genuine, long-lasting relationship with the audience through brand awareness and recognition of what your brand and company is all about. These fence covers portray your company in a professional light, showcasing that you are an expert in the industry, and in turn this helps to improve leads and sales.


Upcoming project potential

If you think about the layout of construction sites, there is a lot going on and it can be difficult to really picture what a finished project will look like. Heras fence banners can be used as a way of promoting the exact thing being worked on behind the fencing. This helps to create an excitement and a buzz about a project and can include images of what the finished site will look like. Alternatively, it could be used as a way to promote the construction company or the company behind the overall development. The fence covers can include brand imagery, colour scheme, logos, as well as the expected opening date of the site, creating an extra buzz around it all.


Customisable heras banners

One of the best things about heras fencing covers is that they are entirely customisable, giving you a blank canvas from which to market a business, a project, or whatever you wish, in a highly visible and effective way. There are different shapes and sizes that can be used, depending on the size of the project, how long the fencing is (think about heras fence banners as part of a security queue outside a big public event for instance), and many different colours and design options. Working alongside a heras fence cover supplier will give you access to that expertise and design skill to ensure enhanced marketing potential for whatever purposes when designing heras fencing covers.

Now you can see the different purposes for heras fence covers, adding safety and security to a construction site, enhancing visibility of an upcoming project that isn’t quite yet open, or just a straightforward advertising campaign for products and services. Once you have seen the benefits and your business wants to pursue heras fence banners, think about finding a reliable supplier with the experience of providing creative, safe, robust heras fence covers for a wide range of applications and industries. With this expert support and guidance, you can ensure that your fence coverings gain maximum exposure and has the intended impact on passers-by and potential future customers.

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