12 Witty, Hilarious And Very Playful Illustrations

The market of illustrations is always growing. Your job as an author is to make high quality illustration to attract more customers to view your works. If you’re going to create one, you’ve to make a good sketch to attain good result. With sketching, it’ll be easier for you to finish what you’ve in mind using a graphic editor program, like Illustrator.

Making a good illustration must come from your own idea. In this way, your works will be easily distinguished from those of your colleagues. Every artist has something unique to offer.

If you’re not sure yet of what illustrations you can offer to your clients or viewers, take a look at these creative and hilarious illustrations made by some of the best artists around the world.

1. “Shark Attack” #17


It’s not only hilarious but it’s also able to say in one good illustration what a thousand words can describe. The message that the author want to illustrate is visually legible, i.e. the divers have to run (or swim) as the shark is already behind them. It simplifies the idea by creating a simple yet effective illustration.

2. “Eye” #18


It gives you an illustration of how an eye works. It simply shows a more realistic portrayal of how your eyes capture an image. It doesn’t only give the observer an interesting art but it’s also educational.

3. “My poo will help you grow!” #4


This is ideal for a children’s book that teaches kids how the excrement of an animal can help plants grow. Although it’s not built for professional illustrations, the message is there.

4. “Never Lie” #23


It’s another illustration by Chow Hon Lam. Instead of creating longer straight nose, he opted to create a message “to never lie” using Pinocchio’s nose.

5. “Wolf” #4


This one illustration is more than enough to draw attention. It’s inspired from Red Riding Hood, well, in a more comical and exaggerated way.

6. “Peace Sign” #1


Do you know where the peace sign originated from? It’s explained in this illustration. Although it’s not the real explanation, it gives you a different point of view. And when you apply it on your website, you’ll get a powerful background illustration to captivate your audience each time.

7. “Saving Life” #24


Chow Hon Lam is a very creative guy. Just look at how the lifeguard was lured to save a half-woman half-octopus.

8. “Scientist” #5


You can create this illustration by playing with gradient mesh. This illustration is a great way to know about blends and gradient meshes.

9. “Speed” #4


It shows that Chow knows how to draw almost everything. He knows where to put shadows and where every line must be placed. Plus, the overall creation is witty and funny.

10. “Angel” #14


The illustration stems from the following keywords: cupid, arrow, and victim. From there, the designer pushed his ideas around to come up with this playful illustration.

11. “Birds” #7


In here, Randy didn’t forget the most important part of an illustration – his audience. He wanted to make a funny but cute illustration to make his audience laugh. And he succeeded.

12. “Dog” #10


It’s a real-life situation but illustrated using characters from comic books.

To create these clever, playful illustrations, you’ll need to spend time brainstorming. You have to grab several ideas and put them into a single illustration. It’s a struggle but you know that you’ll learn from your most difficult hardships.

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