5 wordpress email form plugins to get more subscribers

Getting people to subscribe to your website is a good advantage and it increases your popularity and presence on the World Wide Web, plus it makes it easier for you to market items, showcase freebies, and inform people about offers and new stuff.

Most websites will want you to subscribe to their updates, as they are displaying a subscription form on some part of their website, especially on the author’s basic information, usually displayed in the front page for blogs.

All users need to do is provide their e-mail address and the will be automatically added to the mailing list of that certain website.

So the next time that user checks his e-mail, he or she will receive updates and newsletters from the said site.

Making websites and blogs for a living is not really an easy task, but with the help of subscription forms and newsletters, you can have a greater audience and a bigger target market. It will also help your site to be better known to others.

For this to happen, you will have to get your own WordPress e-mail or subscription form plugin. Here are some notable ones that can help you gain more subscribers to your site:

1. OptinSkin

With tons of customization options, OptinSkin can be your money’s worth with its professional look and easy-to-use components. Customization is important because you will have to match your subscription form to your website’s theme, otherwise it will look really off. Match the colors to your will and attract your visitors by placing them in any spot of your website with a few clicks, without having to learn HTML to scan through the code on where to place it. Developers can also create and tweak their own custom designs. There’s also a demo editor on the site for you to test how the customization works. Overall, the package costs $67 for a single license website, and $97 for unlimited sites, with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

2. AWeber Web Form Plugin


If you have signed for an AWeber Email marketing account then you are in good luck. With this WP plugin, all you need to do is some drag and drop and presto – you can get people to subscribe to your website using the AWeber services and inform them of your latest updates! The plugin is compatible for WP 2.7.0 up to 3.3.2.

3. Subscribe2


Another subscription form plugin for WordPress, it lets you choose which categories are to be included or excluded for certain users. For example, this could help the user that only want topics related to “cooking” to be sent to him or her. It’s a plus point for those who don’t want to be bombarded with posts or offers of topics which they have absolutely no interest in, but would like to subscribe to your website. It also lets you control how often your newsletter should arrive at the doorsteps of your beloved subscribers.

4. WordPress PopUp


If you feel the need to really prompt your readers to subscribe then use a popup system instead. This plugin can display a popup form for the user to input his or her e-mail instead of the traditional somewhere-in-the-site way.

5. MailPoet Newsletters


This newsletter builder has a visual editor with drag and drop interface for easier management. It also gives you stats on each newsletter – which ones are clicked and which ones had users unsubscribed. An optional Premium Version can also give you access to more features, including premium newsletter themes.

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