10+ wordpress gallery plugins – deliver your images with style

You want to turn your WordPress page into a powerful image gallery? Then, worry no more because there are many WordPress galleries that you can choose from.

Who knows, with creativeness and with the right support, you can easily transform your WordPress page into a museum that features your best work!

In this article, I have gathered 12 WordPress Gallery Plugins that will surely make your page more interesting and even attractive.

In addition to this, you must not underestimate the power of WordPress gallery plugins as these plugins can easily boost the performance of your WP page.

1. Final Tiles Gallery


This gallery is superb as it is out of the box new idea. It does not follow the traditional multi-column layout. You have more freedom in showcasing your photos with the use of complex grids. No cropping needed as your images will automatically fit the slideshow.

2. SlideDeck content slider


Your WordPress website will surely look professional with this popular plugin. The slideshow is modern and chic in almost all its aspects. You don’t have to worry with using the slideshow with different devices as it is fully responsive.

3. Grand Flagallery


You aren’t limited to just uploading images but videos, music albums, and banners as well. The plugin comes with a highly customizable admin to configure your media slideshow in the most convenience ways. With the many features and specifications of Grand Flagallery, your WP website will surely look awesome and impressive.

4. Lightbox Gallery


Lightbox Gallery is a wonderful plugin gallery because of the way it highlights your photos. There are tooltips as well that will extend the flexibility and customizability of your WordPress page design. There are different ways on how Lightbox Gallery will display your photos such as by dividing the gallery into different pages and adding caption to each of your images. You have a great extent of freedom when customizing your Lightbox Gallery such as changing the colorBox style and the overall slideshow scheme.

5. NextGEN Gallery


Undeniably, NextGEN is one of the most popular gallery plugin in the history of WordPress. The developer of NextGEN mentioned that there are 7.5 million downloads that were already made. So what makes NextGEN so popular? Well, the answer to that question lies to the features of this plugin. For example, you can easily upload images by batch; delete, rearrange, sort, or add images; customize thumbnails,create categories, and many others.

6. RoyalSlider


RoyalSlider is a responsive gallery that will surely boost your WordPress’ appearance. It can be accessed through different devices as this plugin is 100 percent responsive. The RoyalSlider will allow you to have your photos to slide from left to right, top to bottom and other many variations. You can incorporate videos from YouTube and Vimeo as well. You can choose from 4 different and unique skins to increase the beauty of your slideshow.

7. Cincopa WordPress Media Plugin


If you’re a blogger who continually upload music, images, and videos, then this is a must-have plugin for you. Cincopa is secured with CDN; thus, you don’t have to worry about your files’ safety. The great thing about Cincopa is that it offers over 40 skins! Whatever your preference, there is a good chance that you will find it here. Cincopa will also empower you to customize the image sizes, color of the text, its size, and more. You are not limited to just one video format as Cincopa will automatically make each file format to be compatible with your page.

8. Page Flip Image Gallery


Now, here is a unique way for a slideshow. Page Flip Image Gallery exactly does what its name says. Your website will look like a real magazine as people will flip the pages from one image to another. Whatever type of images you have, be it personal or for business, it will surely be more exciting and memorable with the help of Page Flip Image Gallery. The features of this plugin include page editor, pop-up image gallery, and uploading many images at the same time.

9. Shutter


Shutter is powered with lightbox method to make photographs larger, brighter, and more powerful in appearance. Though relatively new, Shutter is now becoming popular because of its tough-to-beat performance. Shutter works with other add-ons, which will help you customize it even more according to your heart’s desire.

10. YSlider


YSlider is an intelligent gallery because it will automatically resize your photos to fit the slideshow. It can generate thumbnails as well so that your visitors will have a quick preview of what the photo looks like. You can also add short text description for each image.

11. Gallery Carousel without JetPack


If you really want your photos to standout, then Gallery Carousel is the best bet. To date, it is so good that the plugin receives a five star rating from all its users. One thing that sets apart Gallery carousel is its ability to turn photos into full screen with additional comments.

12. ZoomFolio


Though this might cost you, it is worth every penny you spend. ZoomFolio simply possesses that elusive “wow” factor that everyone wants to experience. It has a built-in shortcode generator to make it very easy to customize. It comes with three skins and you can choose one of them to further increase the impressiveness of your WordPress page.

There are many reasons that you need to have a gallery for your images. First, it can attract more people to your website. Second, it can showcase your photos in the most effective way. Third, if you are a designer, it can serve as a portfolio for your previous projects. Finally, gallery is simply gallery. It has an innate way to make your website even more successful.

If you have suggestions or you think I missed something, feel free to leave a comment below.

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