WordPress Photos, Files, Media: Uploading, Accessing & Modifying

Add more life to your webpage by maximizing WordPress’ built-in features. You can do so by adding media files such as photos relevant to your content and adding reference files that your web visitors can download or get through exclusive access. More than all this, incorporating these is also easy through the WordPress Media Library. 

Every WP-Admin has a Library tab that you can find in the left navigational menu. Hover over the Media selection and a sub-menu will appear. You can view your existing media catalogue if the Library option is selected. Besides this, you can easily add a new media file when you select the Add New option.

Uploading & accessing your WordPress Media Library

After clicking the Add New option, you will be directed to the Add New Media File page. Here, you can find the option to drag the file from the local directory and drop it into the box. Besides this, you can simply just click on the Select Files button to browse your local files. Once files are uploaded, you can now incorporate these into your web and blog pages.

Modifying files

wordpress media library modifying file

But if you intend to access your library and modify an existing media file, go to your WordPress Media Library. All your images, files, and other media can be found here. Find which one you want to modify and click on it. A separate pop-up will appear. There are editable fields on the right panel where you can change the file’s Title, Alternative Text, Caption, Description, and File URL. 

Under the photo, there will also be an option to reflect minor edits on the photo itself. Here, you may rotate, scale, crop, and flip the photo accordingly. Once happy with the changes, click the Save button. Going back to the first pop-up, you can also find other options further down if you want to Delete or Edit more thoroughly.

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