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Let’s face it – in every website, the first thing that a normal user checks out is if the overall theme or design is something cut above the rest. Needless to say, themes, designing and layouts help influence user interaction and visitor traffic. Without visual appeal, they wouldn’t even bother to check out your website, even if it is full of original content.

Design and content go hand-in-hand when it comes to making it big on the World Wide Web. Without quality design, you will turn off the visitors. Without quality content, you can’t expect users to come back to your site at all.

Choosing the right theme for your website is not really easy. First, you have to consider what your site offers, its target audience, what color scheme are you going to follow and the ease of use for your target audience. Know these parameters and you will have chosen a good-looking theme that is not only modern but fits your blog or site very well.

When it comes to WordPress, all sites have themes, in which can be tweaked based on the administrator or content creator’s preferences. Some even design their own themes, especially web developers, specifically for a certain website. But the usual norm for most websites nowadays is that they use pre-made themes, either free or premium.

However, if you are curious enough to find out what theme a WP site uses, then you are in luck. This online tool, WordPress Theme Detector


It can look it up for you and display relevant information about the website’s theme:

  • the theme name
  • current version
  • description
  • the website that uses it
  • the author and the author’s website.

In addition to that, this site also lists down plugins that the WP site uses, which also links to their corresponding descriptions.

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