10+ Best WordPress Themes for Female Bloggers

Setting up the website can be challenging but with the help of fantastic WordPress themes available online, this gets easier. Since blogs are often extensions of our personality — dabbling into our inner thoughts and expressing our creativity — it’s very important to go for what suits you best. Like clothes you fashion yourself with, website themes are best to think about that way too. Here, we round up 10+ Best WordPress Themes for Female Bloggers that you can choose from.

10+ Best WordPress Themes for Female Bloggers

1. Pepper+

Pepper+ wordpress themes for female bloggers

Perfect for those who want that exquisite design without overcrowded elements, Pepper+ is a must-see. This features a quite minimalist and clean look that seamlessly transitions its sections without much ado. Not only that, but it features unconventional grids that allow you to play with the web copy. You can also mix and match chic fonts along with your choice of muted palette for a more elegant look. Furthermore, this is also Gutenburg-ready which allows easy blogging. At the same time, this is also mobile-optimized.

2. ChicShop

With Bluchic’s roster of amazing WordPress themes, ChicShop is a crowd-favourite. This theme is easy to use and flexible, allowing one to interchangeably use it for a blog or shop. Moreover, the layout also features a navigational bar on top and a photo-driven landing page which is especially perfect for travel or fashion blogs. Making things extra easier, you can also edit the theme through Elementor without much fuss and the overall website and buttons are responsive. Along with the package comes several pages you can just edit and go.

3. Gema

Gema wordpress themes for female bloggers

Another minimalist WordPress theme for female bloggers, Gema wows us with its unconventional yet classy layout. It features a limitation of colours to just black and white which further emphasizes colourful photos. Fall in love with its collage/clippings charm without stressing yourself out in web maintenance. Additionally, this also comes with an algorithm that automatically holds featured content in place, making it as spotless as ever.

4. Aileen

One of the best WordPress themes for female bloggers, Aileen delivers us something good-natured and simple. True to its intent to cater for personal and lifestyle use, this theme is charming and easy on the eyes. At the same time, this also comes with several home pages and blog layouts to add more personality and uniqueness into the mix. Moreover, the developers ensured that this is responsive and mobile-optimized as well.

5. Kloe

Kloe wordpress themes for women bloggers

Chic and flexible, Kloe wows us with their multi-purpose theme. This allows users to break boundaries and customize what they need, without conforming to what the industry dictates. Furthermore, this also has several layout options to explore which can depend on one’s set objectives. There is also a readily available showcase you can maximize — perfect for products or blog features.

6. Samantha

Gracing the internet space with sophistication and ease of use, Samantha is a WordPress theme that enables you to customize your page without losing of the modern sensibility needed. Whether your website is dedicated to being a blog or you intend to eventually expand to offer products, they have readily available page layouts you can just incorporate. Furthermore, they also ensure that the website is compatible with mobile viewing too.

7. Felt

felt mag wordpress themes

Reminding us of a lifestyle magazine, the Felt WordPress theme is a stylish layout you can go for. Since this is photo-driven, it’s best to play around with shadows and depth as well to bring more personality to the page. Moreover, the blog page layout is sophisticated as well with sleek sectioning of text and images. Surely, your website will look fresh and refreshing with this theme.

8. Overflow

Overflow is another of the crowd-favourite WordPress themes for female bloggers. It comes with several layout options that you can explore and see which fits best to your aesthetic. Furthermore, there is also a featured post section which you can use to attract traffic to new posts. If you’re also getting tired of static photos, you can also switch the carousel and add short videos instead.

9. Laura

laura wordpress female bloggers

If you’re looking for something sweet and dainty, Laura is perfect for you. The layout is unique compared to today’s trend — they incorporated a side navigation panel. Furthermore, they also kept the whole layout clean and minimalist yet chic. The choice of colours can be customed but pastels are still a fantastic choice. Not only that, but they also have free stock images you can use as placeholders should you still need to work on those.

10. Lily

Lily is all about a clean and elegant interface. Included in the package are few layouts you can mix and match depending on what you need and how you intend to showcase your blog. Photos can also be added to add a pop of colour since the website base colours are leaning on black and white. Moreover, this website theme is also compatible with various plug-ins such as Mailchimp and SEO.


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