10+ Best WordPress Themes for Women Business Owners

The drive for businesses to go online in the past years is more aggressive than ever. Putting this into consideration, it’s no longer a surprise that the market easily grew saturated. Because of this, standing out online became extra challenging, especially for those who are just starting. One surefire way to help boost your presence online is through an amazing website. Here, we rounded up 10+ Best WordPress Themes for Women Business Owners that you can explore for your website.

Best WordPress Themes for Women Business Owners

1. Ingrid Coaching

ingrid wordpress themes women business owners

If you’re looking for something sophisticated, Ingrid Coaching Divi Child Theme is what you’re looking for. It has a warm and cosy aesthetic through muted colours and serif font picks. Though structured through straightforward layering, it remains easy on the eyes as they scroll further the page. Along with the package comes four home page options you can choose from. Additionally, there are also available pages for products or services offered, portfolios, testimonials, and more.

2. Yogi Pro

Though dedicated to yoga initially, Yogi Pro is ideal for women business owners focused on health and wellness. It has a structured landing page with detailed sections on what your potential clients need to know. Moreover, this allows them to stay quite longer. This later benefits the standing of your website. Not only that but there are also plug-ins that you can maximize such as scheduling and security.

3. ChicShop

chicshop for female entrepreneurs

One of the best Bluchic WordPress themes to date, ChicShop is all about sophistication hand-in-hand with flexibility and functionality. The website theme is also best for shops that offer a wide selection of products. Furthermore, it has carousels that you can maximize using your best product shots. Besides this, it is also SEO-friendly so you can write optimized copy to generate traffic in no time. Yo

4. Feminine

Feminine stays true to its name with a neat and sweet WordPress theme. This features eye-catching sections that play around with images and a chosen colour palette. One can easily custom this according to their preference without much fuss. Furthermore, the theme has several pages that can help you boost traffic. This also includes a blog and sales funnel page, perfect for digital products. At the same time, they ensured that this is mobile-friendly for ease of navigation wherever and whenever.

5. Judy Coaching

judy wordpress themes for women business owners

For girl bosses out there who like structure, Judi Coaching is perfect! It features shadows and depth which helps exude professionalism and sophistication at the same time. Additionally, this also has accomplished pages you can just update with your copy and photos. Included in the package as well are a portfolio, blog, product or services, and newsletter opt-in pages. This is great for marketing professionals, coaches, and others.

6. Meltony

Clean and sleek, Meltony focuses on having a minimalist layout that effectively communicates the intent of the business. Furthermore, this has several homepage options you can explore depending on what you need. This caters to whether you’re offering a product or extending services to clients. Besides this, the straightforward design also allows ease of use without complication even with zero coding knowledge. Additionally, this is also search engine optimized and assured to be responsive.

7. ChicBloom

chicbloom theme women business owners

For fun-loving and bold brands, ChicBloom doesn’t disappoint. The theme played around with bright colours which adds more personality to the table. Furthermore, this can help tap audiences with similar vibes and exudes a more positive view of the business. Best for creatives and modern businesses, this WordPress theme is indeed a gamechanger for women business owners looking to be remarkable online. You can also add sales pages, testimonials, and even blogs to add more provide more value to the audience.

8. Soulym

Soulym leans toward a more minimalist approach to design. Though limited to shades of black and white, there is still a sense of sophistication in the theme itself. This makes it ideal for luxurious brands or premium services targeted to high-ticket customers. Moreover, it comes with free stock images that you can use. Just update the web copy and you’re good to go.

9. Rosa

Rosa WordPress Theme for women business owners

Rich with personality, Rosa is focused on the restaurant niche. This website has a premium and elegant approach which elevates the customer experience at the same time. Furthermore, creative updates can be easily done with a few taps. Flexible too, you can simply update the communication and images to suit the restaurant theme and cuisine offered. There are also dedicated pages to add your menu and offerings in. At the same time, booking or ordering services can also be implemented through plug-ins.

10. Momex

Compatible and optimized for mobile, tablets, and desktops, Momex is a good theme for entrepreneurs. This can be easily updated using Elementor and its drag-drop feature. Additionally, this also has several pages that you can explore such as blog, sales and products pages. Its neat sectioning also allows easy browsing without too much clutter. Simply update the web copy to eventually increase search engine traffic and add relevant images for more beneficial results to the business.


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