10+ Best WordPress Web Designers & Developers in Toronto

Nothing’s permanent in the digital world and this stays true with business websites these days. Because of the constant update on SEO practices and new design trends, it’s a must to ride the waves and always be on top of your game. With this, we listed down the 10+ Best WordPress Web Designers & Developers in Toronto that can help you revamp your website and stand out from the rest!

10+ Best WordPress Web Designers & Developers in Toronto

1. Brand Glow Up

Brand Glow Up - Web Design Interior Designers

A reputable marketing agency in Toronto, Brand Glow Up has helped many brands in the past that all looked amazing. They are experts in web design techniques and are up-to-date with the current practices in the industry. Besides this, they also have best practices that stayed relevant and could benefit your brand in the long run. You can also work with them for other digital marketing services for a more cohesive marketing effort on your end.

2. Dandelion Web Design

Dandelion Web Design is a WordPress web designer and developer in Toronto. They extend services from building websites from scratch to revamping existing websites. With this, they ensure to apply the latest techniques to help boost the load speed of the website and help it rank on search engines too. At the same time, they also put user experience as their top priority which is why they map the website flow carefully with the audience in mind.

3. Arete Software

arete software WordPress Web Designers in Toronto

Delivering bespoke and true-to-the-brand websites, Arete Software is a website developer specializing in WordPress. Their team helps in design development, SEO optimization, and ensuring the high performance of your website. Furthermore, they ensure to implement strategies that help their clients achieve their goals for the website — be it to generate leads or convert to sales. At the same time, they also extend hosting and maintenance services for new and existing clients.

4. Ryan Cameron

Ryan Cameron is one of the best WordPress Web Designers & Developers in Toronto that you can work with. He caters to creative clients who already have a design direction in mind and translate it to WordPress. Plug-ins requested such as WooCommerce and other features may be added. Moreover, he can also help add a multi-language option on your website for international clients. For over a decade, he helped local and international brands get started online with an impressively built website.

5. Magenta Design

Magenta WordPress Web Developer

Magenta Design worked with over 500 projects in the past years and in various industries. As web designers and developers for WordPress, they ensure to consider their client’s branding and objectives in ideation. Once the proposal is approved, they whip up your dream website within the projected timeline. They also optimize their client’s websites to maximize reach and ensure conversion. Their flexibility and knack for designing can surely benefit your brand without breaking a sweat.

6. Napkin marketing

Award-winning and recognized in the industry, Napkin Marketing can help you create a professional and modern website for your brand. They worked with several clients in the past and their best practices helped their clients get the most out of their investments in no time. Besides this, they also focus on implementing your brand and sharing your story to let the audience connect with the brand more. Besides web design and development, they also extend marketing services to help the brand raise brand awareness.

7. Little Dragon

little dragon media marketing agencies for dental clinics

A reliable WordPress website designer and developer for businesses, Little Dragon boasts of their amazing track record with the brands it worked with in the past. More than creating a modern website for their clients, they also ensure that it is easily customizable should there be developments from their end later on. At the same time, they also ensure that all their website is mobile-friendly in line with the increased use of mobile phones these days.

8. Pixel Carve

Pixel Carve has been in the website design and development industry for over 25 years and they never disappointed. They help small to big brands get settled online with a website that’s true to the brand and aligned with their objectives.  Furthermore, the company also won an award as one of the top WordPress developers in the area as well. Besides websites, they also help with branding and animation which brands nowadays also need to stand out further online.

9. Shift8 Web

Shift8 Web WordPress Web Designer-min

Not only crafting a website for you to sell, but Shift8 Web also aims to create a remarkable digital web experience. They pay attention to customer behaviour and consider this in their website development process. With this, it’s no doubt that they are one of the best WordPress website designers and developers in Toronto. Additionally, they also extend their design services on different website platforms to accommodate various businesses. Big or small, they can surely help your brand leave a mark and stand out.

10. Mouth Media

Mouth Media is a respected web development company in the area. They commit to being as responsive and attentive as possible to the needs of their business clients. At the same time, they are also open-minded and inclusive so there’s no need to worry about working with their amazing team. Not only that, but they also ensure that their outputs are also optimized for search engines and designed to maximize conversion opportunities.


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