10 Best WordPress Web Designers and Developers in Toronto (Serving Ontario and Canada)

Over the years, WordPress still comes first to mind when talking about setting up a website. Its user-friendliness and availability of various plug-ins exclusive to only them make this platform top-of-mind for just anyone. Should you be considering having your own website but don’t know how to start, we got your back! Within Toronto, a bunch of web designers and developers are available to help you. You just got to weed out some and find the best one to deliver best what you have in mind. Without prolonging this intro, check out the list below:

Best WordPress Web Design and Developers in Toronto (Serving Ontario & Canada)


Brand Glow Up Website Design

Brand Glow Up is one of the best WordPress web designers and web developers in Toronto. Check out their website and their portfolio. You’ll see that their team has an undeniable knack for layout and design. With them, you can make people indeed fall in love with your brand. Besides WordPress and web design, they are actually a full-service creative agency that offers extensive services to help you and your business further.

2.Blue Tide

Blue Tide Website Developer

Celebrating every step of success with their clients, Blue Tide makes sure that they not only built you a fantastic WordPress website but rather helped you be more confident in your brand. Their team ensures pride in strong relationships built with their clients. It emphasizes their welcoming office culture that is encouraging each one to participate more. This includes you too!

3.Major Tom

Major Tom WordPress Web Design and Developers in Toronto

Major Tom is one of Toronto’s best creative agencies, and we doubt any of their past clients would disagree. They are a full-service creative agency, but if you need something specific, they are still more than happy to accommodate and help you become another success story. Their team believes that to tailor the best website or strategy for your business, you first need to discover your brand. From there, you may find strength in who you are and further be creative in expressing yourself. Should you are interested to learn more about them, check out their website.

  • website: www.majortom.com/
  • location: 801 – 317 Adelaide St W, Toronto ON, M5V 1P9

4.Reach Local Toronto

Reach Local Toronto Website in WordPress

If your business plan is to build a strong presence locally in Toronto, we know the best company for you. Reach Local Toronto is a fantastic WordPress web designer and developer in Toronto. Check out their stats, and it’s promising! Besides providing you with a pleasing WordPress website, they also strategically plan to help you reach your business goals. Be it to increase leads or generate sales. They know how to help you best.

5.Dandelion Web Design

Dandelion Web Design Web Design

Working with the best WordPress features, Dandelion Web Design makes sure that you get the best out of the platform. They do not only build and design your website, but they make sure yours rank in the search engine too! Making it accessible even for newbies on the platform, they handle the update and further teach you how to navigate its features.

6.WP Expert

WP Expert Website for WordPress

True experts and one of the best WordPress Web Designers and Developers in Toronto, WP Expert uses their more than two decades of experience in the industry to their advantage. They developed many websites and proved with their reputation over the years that they are here to stay. Additionally, they make sure that your website ranks the search engine and even more engages more potential customers. If you like what you read, they also offer packages you can check and enjoy a smooth WordPress experience for your business.

  • website: wpexpert.ca/
  • location: 123 Slater Street Ottawa ON K1P 5H2

6.Melissa Jean Clark

Melissa Jean Clark Website

Caters from humble start-ups to huge businesses, Melissa Jean Clark has proven to provide excellent web design for clients of all sizes. She delivers a WordPress website that is perfectly crafted to represent you and up-to-date to current trends in the industry. Bringing clients’ visions to life, she receives praises from her clients, who are very happy to work with her.

7.Ankit Designs

Ankit Designs Website

Claiming to build suitable brands, Ankit Designs is a genuinely reliable full-service creative agency. They managed to develop websites that are up-to-date on international trends and practices. Additionally, they make sure that it is speedy and optimized to its full potential. A pleasure to work with, this web designer and developer also serves the Greater Toronto Area.

8.York & Chapel

York & Chapel WordPress Website Designer in Toronto

With lots of locations anywhere in Canada, York & Chapel aces the accessibility category. They are a digital house brought to life 20 years ago, which strengthened them in the field and further refined their skills. Their seasoned staff sure knows how to handle each client best and works on listening to their clients. From understanding, they now take further steps only to deliver you the best WordPress website that you’ll surely love.


Timofey Website

Timofey is one of the go-to WordPress Web Designers and Developers in Toronto. Encouraging you to expect the best from their team, they take pride in delivering websites that clients are happy about. To add, they assure to have your WordPress website delivered and working after three weeks. Professional and flexible, their rates are also depending on the functionality you want for your website. Better discuss with the team what you want first to make sure you’re aligned before onboarding with them.

  • website: timofey.ca/
  • location: Steeles Ave W, North York, ON M2R 2S6

10. Simplistics

Simplistics WordPress Web Designers and Developers in Toronto

The gymnastics of web designing but done simply and with grace. Simplistics is a straightforward company that promises one thing outright. They deliver a website that works. Taking this further, they are able to work with 500+ clients over the years. They work on a results-oriented basis that gives more benefits than not. Also, this is actually practical, especially if you’re keen on achieving your goals in a shorter time.

  • website: simplistics.ca/
  • location: 110 Cumberland St. Suite 342 Toronto, ON M5R 3V5

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