10 Best WordPress Web Designers in Toronto

Compared to other platforms, WordPress boasts of its customizability and seamless functionality that drag-and-drop platforms can never give. Moreover, there are also a couple of themes that are readily available for you and plug-ins are limitless. Through WordPress, you can truly come up with a website that speaks true to your brand. Whether you are a business, a professional, or a hobbyist, here are the 10 Best WordPress Web Designers in Toronto that you can collaborate with.

10 Best WordPress Web Designers in Toronto

1. Brand Glow Up

Brand Glow Up

In the business for over 14 years, Brand Glow Up rose up to where they are now because of their hard work and continuous pursuit of excellence. Starting way back in Multiply then transitioning to different platforms in today’s time, they were able to learn and adapt over the years. This proved how seasoned the team behind the agency is in helping your brand get started with WordPress.

2. Simplistics

Quite specific, Simplistics worked and helped over 500 creative agencies, educational institutions, and businesses have a unique website that suits their needs. Moreover, their deep understanding of brand differences helps them to come up with fresh and unique strategies tailor-fitted to each. Also, the relationship they build with their clients is founded on the belief that clarity of objectives is important for success.

3. Dandelion Web Design

dandelion web design toronto wordpress

Dandelion Web Design comes up with amazing web designs that they also optimize for search engines. They help you gain control over how you present your brand online while at the same time, designing it to help you reach your goals. Furthermore, you can also have an easy to navigate website that can help you generate more leads in the long run.

4. Melissa Jean Clark

Helping you achieve your objectives in life and in business, Melissa Jean Clark is one of the respected WordPress web designers in Toronto. She can also help you get started in your online venture whether it’s for blogging, e-commerce, and more. Moreover, she also has a very transparent collection of previous projects that you can explore and check if you’re a great fit.

5. Arete Software

arete software WordPress Web Designers in Toronto

Arete Software can help you design your website on WordPress. They help their clients come up with customized, responsive and optimize websites on search engines.  Not only in Toronto, but this agency also caters to brands worldwide so you can rest assured that they are well-versed in coding and development of full-experience websites.

6. Napkin Marketing

Looking for a complete revamp of your website, Napkin Marketing is here to help you have the best website ever. They get started with knowing and understanding first the client’s intention then paving each step of the way. Moreover, their strategies are rooted in their belief that ideas should be fresh since no two brands are always the same.

7. Kinex Media

kinex media WordPress Web Designers in Toronto

Kinex Media is one of the best and most reliable WordPress web designers in Toronto. They can help you in customizing, optimizing, and ensuring that your website is functional. Moreover, they also have a natural flair in terms of design which helps them come up with intuitive and sophisticated web designs. They are also awarded and acknowledged by known platforms and award-giving bodies for the quality output they deliver.

8. Blue Tide

Designed to communicate with your clients and help you achieve your goals, Blue Tide got your back. They also offer quite comprehensive marketing solutions that people can help you get consistent with your branding. With their 12 years of experience, they can share their best practices and come up with something that’s special and perfect to help your brand grow.

9. Edkent Media

edkent media WordPress Web Designers in Toronto

Edkent Media combines their knowledge, skills, and experience to help their clients have the best website possible. By best, they always meant it customized to fit the brand and communicate best to the target audience. Doing so helps you come up with a website that coaxes your potential customers every step towards closing the deal.

10. Eggs Media

An award-winning web design company for WordPress in Toronto, Eggs Media will be happy to help you. They boast of their web design and development skills that can help you come up with a fresh yet professional website to help you achieve your brand and business goals. Furthermore, they are also up to date on the latest web trends that you can leverage on too.

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