15+ Best WordPress Web Designers in Toronto

Having a website is more than just coming up with a stunning layout that reflects the brand. It also goes deeper beyond what meets the eye — user experience and seamless functionality. For this, working with an experienced WordPress Web Designer in Toronto might be best for the business. We created a list here so you can check out who suits your brand and can help you bring what you have in mind to reality.

15+ Best WordPress Web Designers in Toronto

1. Brand Glow Up

Brand Glow Up

Designing websites for different businesses for more than a decade, Brand Glow Up delivers beyond their client expectations. More than web design, they are also well-equipped in maximizing website potential through their tried and tested strategies. Not only that, but they also offer other marketing services such as branding design, content creation, and others.

2. Black Dot

Improve your business with research and Black Dot assures you to convert these into results-driven strategies. They worked with various clients over the years and managed to successfully launch websites for them. Here, you can check out their wide portfolio of websites developed and designed for various industries — showing their flexibility.

3. Voofa

Voofa is a web developer and web designer local in Toronto. They work with WordPress and are knowledgeable in how to craft its front end without losing consideration of the audience’s journey. Furthermore, they can also help you with search engine optimization, Google ads, and more to scale your presence online.

4. Simplistics

Simplistics WordPress Web Designers

Made over 500 websites for various clients in different industries, Simplistics truly has been here and there. They specialize in creating websites for creative agencies, educational institutions, and unique businesses. Beyond web design, they also cater for clients who want mobile or web app design and other coding-related solutions.

5. Global Graphics

Boasting their 4.9 rating on Google and overwhelmingly positive feedback from their client, Global Graphics assures they can deliver. Moreover, they are flexible and can work with different platforms including WordPress. Not only that, but they also extend a 12-month warranty to ensure the website is running smoothly.

6. Dandelion Web Design

Dandelion Web Design is one of the best WordPress Web Designers you can consider in Toronto. They built hundreds of WordPress websites that don’t only look fantastic but also rank well. Furthermore, the website is also responsive for mobile which is a consideration of today’s behaviour.

7. Nex-Toronto

Delivering quality service for 15 years and more, Nex-Toronto always look forward to the future. It’s good to know how they continue to always innovate and be on top of trends in the industry. This has helped them ace the competition and also help their clients excel.

8. Napkin Marketing

Napkin Marketing Web Designers Toronto

Not only working with small-business clients but Napkin Marketing has also been selected and was able to work with several Fortune 500 clients. Their excellence sure impressed their clients and how they professionally handle each project.  Moreover, they also offer marketing services which can help them tap into more audiences and convert.

9. Melissa Jean Clark

Melissa Jean Clark is a humble Canadian who aims to help her fellows maximize their business and have a website online. She is experienced in Website design and development, especially in WordPress. Always on top of trends, she ensures to deliver up-to-date solutions that bring a seamless experience to audiences.

10. Arete Software

Made up of seasoned web developers and web designers in Toronto, Arete Software designs a website aligned to their client’s objectives. They are flexible and can work with Shopify, WordPress, and other platforms available. Not only that but they can also help with domain acquisition, plug-in incorporation, and other solutions to boost traffic.

11. The STory

For over 10 years, The Story worked with various clients and delivered stellar WordPress websites. They focused on aesthetics without losing consideration of how the user interface works. Moreover, with a focus on the narrative, it’s safe to say that they intend to drive audiences to take action on things that resonate with them.

12. Eggs Media

Eggs Media Web Designers

Eggs Media is another of Toronto’s finest web designers to consider. They have a stunning website that showcases what they can deliver to their clients. Furthermore, they extend support through search engine optimization, revamping of the customer journey, and others intended to improve the overall website.

13. Edkent Media

Helping clients strategize for a website that aligns with their goals, Edkent Media can professionally pull through each project and deliver impressive results. They intend to drive profitable traffic through Ads and Sales Conversion that benefits the business in the long run.

14. Neglia Design

Bringing the clients’ vision to life, Neglia Design aims to come up with fantastic WordPress designs that help them express the brand more and bring in desired results. Hand in hand with content creation and digital marketing, this agency delivers beyond expectations for thirty years now.

15. Shift 8 Web

Shift 8 Web is here to help brands come up with stunning websites that reflect their personality and communicates their intent to audiences. Flexible in different frameworks, they sure go beyond the drag and drop designing and go in-depth into customizing a website that works best for what the brand needs.


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