15+ Best WordPress Web Developers in Toronto

Secured and flexible, WordPress remains one of the sought-after platforms for website building. More than aesthetics and designing the best website experience, there is also an expansive library of plug-ins and features you can use to maximise its potential. Not only for blogs, but you can also even set up your own e-commerce shop or craft lead generators to achieve your business goals. Check out these 15+ Best WordPress Web Developers in Toronto you can trust to deliver quality results for your business.

15+ Best WordPress Web Developers in Toronto

1. Brand Glow Up

Brand Glow Up

Acing the web developer industry, Brand Glow Up easily builds a website on whatever platform you prefer. They have experience working with different brands and managed to come up with a website that caters to what the business objective is. Moreover, they can also help you build awareness and generate more traffic using the best practices they have. From content creation to search engine optimization, you can rely on them.

2. Melissa Clark

Melissa Clark offers a promise of a responsive WordPress website that is tailor-fitted for a business. More than this, she also ensures that the design also adapts for mobile or tablet viewing too. Few of her website samples are on her website so you can take a look and decide if you’re a good match.

3. Simplistics

A true expert in WordPress web development, Simplistics can help you get started online. Further, they are knowledgeable not only in web design and development but likewise strategic in incorporating plug-ins to maximize features.

4. Ryan Cameron

Ryan Cameron Web Developers Toronto

Focusing on select niches such as legal or real estate professionals, Ryan Cameron knows the in and outs of these industries and would definitely be a huge help for you. He offers WordPress Development that can be accompanied by optimization for search engines, lead generation, and other services to scale your business.

5. Dandelion Web Design

A web developer since the 90s, Dandelion Website Design was born in the early 2000s when their designer decided to explore the business on her own. Flexible in various web platforms, they can work with WordPress or in whatever the client prefers. Regarding their areas covered, they accommodate clients within the GTA and even from select cities in the USA.

6. Go WP

Experienced in WordPress, Go WP is one of the go-to WordPress Web Developers in worldwide. They are enthusiastic from day one which encourages the clients to build rapport with the team — helpful in collaborations and brainstorming. Moreover, it’s also remarkable how each of their vetted team members can cover many aspects behind the scenes.

7. Awesome Web Designs

Awesome Web Designs Toronto

Awesome Web Designs is composed of certified web developers that specialize in WordPress backend setup. From integrating domain to mapping out the user experience, they got you. Moreover, they can incorporate software additions as well as plug-ins depending on the objective of your website.

8. nex-Toronto

Pun intended, Nex-Toronto promises to take their client’s online presence to the Nex-Level and with a Nex-Factor. Specializing in web development and design, they work on getting to know the client first and prepare a proposal aligned to the objective of the client. Even for clients with existing websites, they can help with migration or revamp too.

9. Kinex Media

A results-driven web development agency in Canada, Kinex Media can help you with anything related to website building and scaling. They have a passionate team who can help you establish your presence through an impressive website that converts for you. When your goal is to generate sales or build email list, they got your back.

10. Shift 8 Web

Shit 8 Web Developers Toronto

With a passion to design a remarkable website experience, Shift 8 Web works on understanding the business target’s audience more. This helps them map a smooth flow between pages and triggers. Moreover, working this way can also encourage conversion which leads to sales or revenue over time too.

11. Smooth Web Life

Their 20+ years of experience can assure new business owners to rely on them, Smooth Web Life stood tall despite the hiccups they encountered along the way. These learning experiences helped them find their best practices and help WordPress websites not to repeat the same mistakes and save the businesses a lot of resources.

12. Pixel Carve

Elevating websites, Pixel Carve boasts of their impressive track record of amazing websites that brought results to their clients. A nod to pixels, their team is very particular and detail-oriented. This ensures that they deliver a well-set up a website with an interface aligned to your branding and backend that’s running smoothly.

13. Eggs Media

Eggs Media Web Designers

An award-winning website design company in Toronto, Eggs Media offers full-circle marketing services for businesses. From the establishment of an impressive website, they can also assist in scaling this up and promoting as well to generate traffic and more.

14. Mojo Media

Mojo Media focuses on creating websites for small-scale to large-scale businesses. They worked with a lot of clients in the past and established a reputation in the industry for WordPress design and development.

15. A Nerd’s World

Helping brands for 15 years already, A Nerd’s World helps them get a well-structured WordPress website that reflects the brand personality. More than aesthetics, they also ensured that the website also helps attain the expected results of the client and exceed further.


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