15+ Best WordPress Website Designers for Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists

Appealing to the general female market, makeup artists and hair stylists can come up with whimsical and enchanted-looking websites that their target clients would love. Besides aesthetics, another important factor to consider in choosing a WordPress website designer is their reliability. Though there are many in the market, we rounded up 15+ Best WordPress Website Designers for Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists you can consider working with for your styling business.

15+ Best WordPress Website Designers for Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists

1. Brand Glow Up

Brand Glow Up

With a sophisticated and feminine website themselves, Brand Glow Up got stylists’ back in terms of WordPress Website Design. Along with their impressive track record, they are committed to helping brands express themselves more and allowing the audience to resonate more with the business. This may be done through a bit of content creation and optimization, but overall, they promise to deliver results that align with the business’ objectives.

2. MB Creative

Award-winning and one of the most commendable WordPress website experts you can work with, MB Creative ensures that they get to explore the full potential of your business online. No need to feel restricted because they encourage creativity and innovation.

3. Webcitz

Webcitz is dedicated to helping businesses in Ontario get started online — with a fantastic WordPress website that reflects their business revamps vision. Their team extends website it by building from scratch or revamping your current layout to improve overall website experience.

4. Universe

Universe WordPress Website Designers Toronto

With a laidback website, Universe communicates depth and narration that helps customers resonate with the brand — through the aspiration of a better life. They can help with brand design, web design, and other design-related solutions that can help you scale up the business online and reach your goals.

5. Platinum

Platinum is a WordPress website designer that caters to makeup artists and hair stylists. They are flexible enough to work in various industries and quick on their feet to jump on trends that can surely benefit the brand. Not only that, but they are also offering other creative solutions such as digital marketing and graphic design.

6. Black Dot

Aiming to help you reach your full potential, Black Dot helped many businesses set up their presence and scale up their potential since 2005. Moreover, they are also recognized by award-giving bodies and publications as a go-to in the industry.

7. A Nerd’s World

A Nerd’s World is another of the best WordPress web designers and developers you can tap in Toronto. They are true experts in what they do and delivered wonderfully built websites to various clients, including hair stylists and makeup artists.

8. Bowo Creative

Bowo Creative Website Design

With a sophisticated website that speaks to feminine clients, Bowo Creative is a perfect agency to work with for hair stylists and make-up artist businesses. They understand the niche well and have a classy flair in their design. Surely, this would do so well with premium brands.

9. Visual Webz

Visual Webz is a WordPress web design specialist you can work with. They worked with hairstylists in the past and you can sure benefit from their experience in the niche. Furthermore, they understand the clients you’re after as well and can surely help you come up with a user interface that’s running smoothly.

10. Napkin Marketing

Experienced in working with start-ups and large-scale businesses, Napkin Marketing allows each to tap them for impressive marketing solutions and website design. Their team derives strategies from data and trends which are then aligned with the brand’s personality. With their meticulousness and creativity, they unsurprising became a reputable WordPress website expert in many industries.

11. Grad Media

Grad Media started as a group of students who eventually ventured into the creative business. They are offering web solutions that help brands boost their presence online. This includes WordPress website design and development too. A couple of their previous deliverables are on display in their website so you can get a feel of what they deliver.

12. Happy Hour Agency

Happy Hour Agency WordPress Website Designers

Focusing on telling its client’s story, Happy Hour Agency extends its service to makeup artists and hair stylists who want to establish their brand online. They encourage businesses to go with the flow and maximize the potential of having a WordPress website for building reach online and generating more sales.

13. Little Dragon Media

One of the first website design experts in Toronto, Little Dragon Media leads the industry and delivers exceptional outputs for their clients. They are remarkably flexible and can help makeup artists and hair stylists establish their credibility and business online with little to zero hiccups along the way.

14. Neglia Design

Neglia Design helps businesses bring their ideas to life — all their objectives and dreams aligned with the execution of their digital presence. Not only social media management and graphic design, but they also pride themselves as reputable WordPress web designers you can trust.

15. Pixel Carve

In the business for 23 years, Pixel Carve shows meticulousness in terms of putting together a website for its clients. They ensure to deliver a website with exceptional outputs that echo the brand’s intent and resonate with the audience from different walks of life.


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