Writing An About Me Page The Best Way

A website’s landing page is very important. It gives directed visitors a ‘first taste’ or impression of what you are and what you do. A landing page is also a summary of how you do your job, more if you’ve got what it takes to make that page a real head-turner. However, just in case you missed it, the About Me page almost works the same magic.

The About Me page is probably the competitor to your Portfolio page especially if you are a freelancer. Next to landing page, visitors—especially prospecting clients—would always want to know you further or know your work better. As much also as you want to showcase your best works in your gallery, pumping the About Me page can also give you a boost.

The problem with most About me page is that, they are just simply written either out of hurry or out of fun. Some would just put a funny picture of them with a short quote, while some do the lengthy way making it look like a comprehensive Curriculum vitae. The point is that, if you really want to build credibility, traffic, and reputation, then you should probably check out that page of yours again.

Below are some key tips that you might have missed. Check out if what you’ve got right there is worthy of respect, or worthy of a skip.

1. You.

Who are you? Put your name there, not just simply a code name or street name. What do you do? Are you a businessman trying to sell something? Are you offering your service for free, or for a premium price? Are your products worth the sell, or hard to sell? Are you a web designer, a musician, an electrician, or what?

Laying out all these little things is the first of the many things you should consider. No, I am not asking you to put all those details on that page. All I am asking is that, how do you want people to see you? If you are a secret agent, you don’t yourself to look like a drummer, right?

2. Design.

Before forwarding directly to what you are about to write, check out how you can also shape visitors’ attention to your About Me page. As much as you want your landing page to be perfect, the About Me page of yours should also be designed in a very specific way. Did you just focus too much design energy on your landing page, leaving the other pages look generic like just ‘the rest of the master pages?’

Grab a good layout. A good background. A good tone. Textured? How big would the photo be? Any links necessary? Should I put a quick gallery here? Remember, consciously or unconsciously, your visitors are affected by this.

3. A Good Photo.

Now this is among the most debatable aspects of the About Me page. Should you put a big photo of yours? Whole body? A portrait only? In formal attire? In what posture or position? What environment?

There’s hardly any rule saying that what you should put on your About Me page is formal, meaning, that you have to wear cosmetics and cloth with a collar or a tie. Again, it would depend on how you want people to treat you? You want it friendly and approachable? Perhaps a shirt and jeans with your arms spread open will do the message.

A good photo is also required in such a way that people will realize at once that they are working with humans and not code generators, for example. A good tip would be: use a photo of you that are smiling and are looking directly with both eyes. Using photos of you like you are thinking or daydreaming may look like you are too serious, mean, always busy, or worse, lacking confidence.

4. Your Visitors.

After preparing what you are able to put into writing, you may want to check who your potential audience be before you actually post them like a stamp. Are you aiming for the rich people, entrepreneurs, teachers, graphic designers, musicians, teens, students, or what? In what particular age group? Any particular country? What industry or field? Specifically for males?

Moreover, knowing your audience also means that you must step in their shoes as well. Ask what you think will they think. What would they ask from me or about me? What will be the first thing they’ll notice, or should notice? What might be their needs? What are they expecting at once? How far can I go in guiding them?

5. Order of thinking

Remember and always dwell on the idea that the first few minutes spent by your visitors are checking out the main heading or title, the first line or two of your paragraph, the rest of the headings, and scan, scan, and scan. The point here is that, you must know when to hit them right.

There’s not really any rule saying that there should be a specific outline or set of fields where you fill your information. While some would claim that you need to start with your educational background, others would argue that you should start with your work experiences.

It all melts down as to who you are and who your intended audience will be. If you are a life coach or a spiritual model, then you might probably want to strike first with some few lines about a specific event of your life like a near-death experience or any. If what you do is more rooted on a proper education than work experience, then start with a declaration of your profession and some remarkable notes about you.

However, generally, people come to your About Me page simply because they wanted to know your real (or whole) name, your age, your location, and a quick word of your expertise. If you think your position requires a comprehensive list of your work experiences or educational background or projects accomplished, you may begin with a few and end with a link. The link may be an anchor to the rest of the pages, or to a downloadable resumé, a video, etc.

6. Hit with emotions.

People get hooked to information more if they find themselves in virtually the same place, especially the place of feeling. You may want to incorporate a twist of fun to your writing to showcase how creative you are, or you may want to start a mathematical formula you discovered yourself to show that you are a genius.

If your aim is for people to get acquainted with you easily and know that you are a happy worker, then mean it with your words. Tell them that you are grateful for this job, you are surprised with this offer, you met your goals, that you have this plan, etc. Don’t forget also to incorporate words of values like determination, honesty, joy, abundance, and a lot more.

Lastly, you may want to talk in first-person voice if you wanted to get more personal and give the impression that you are easy to deal with.

7. Other nonsense stuff

Just in case you would wonder, there are a lot of About Me pages that offer some ridiculous thoughts. Some would even include that they love drinking beers. Others include their favourite movies. Many would write about how they met their guy or somebody else. Why does this work?

The principle here is simple: don’t do this if you are not yet established. If you are a starter and you do that, people will find you questionable and you are just playing along, more if you still got nothing to showcase. But if you’re a very confident gal with a bunch of great clients and great works, then you might just let them look for you, right?

This, on the other side, must not limit you also to getting creative. If you can find or work out on something very memorable if not creative, then pursue it. If you extracted a sentence that should give you an edge to making visitors really interested in you like making them ask, “what’s next from him?”, then you’re one-in-a-million star.

8. Call to Action

The About Me page should not be a boring page. Put a Call-to-Action! This can come in a lot of interesting ways.

You may want to make your information tabulated or outlined, and the response here for the visitors is to locate the labels they are looking for. You may want to use a few interactive contents for your visitors to play with, let’s say. You may want to incorporate some more links, but not too much to make your About Me page look nasty.

Lastly, how about adding your contact information at once? A direct e-mail area? A button for a quick price quote? Especially if your visitors do not have speedy internet access, you might want to limit them from shifting from page to page.

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