How To Use Yahoo! Answers To Generate Traffic To Your Site

One of the clever ways to drive traffic to your website is via Yahoo! Answers, but only very few bloggers and website owners know this. Yahoo! Answers allows common people to ask questions, which are then answered by expert or experienced readers. The asker can rate answers, and the best rated answer comes first in the roster. Website owners and internet marketers should never ignore this seemingly trivial section of Yahoo! because they can actually use it to their own advantage. The question is how.

1. Let people know you

The first thing to do is fill out your Yahoo Answers profile. Many people coming to that online Q&A hub don’t care about setting up nice profiles. When you answer questions related to your field, readers will see you as a reliable person, and they will tend to check out your profile to know more about you. This is when the trick comes, because you can promote yourself subtly on your profile when have a link to your blog or site on your profile, which can drive traffic to your website.

2. Look for unanswered questions

Being the first person to answer the question works to your advantage. Many people who look at answers to posted questions only look at the first few answers and ignore all the rest below. But it’s not enough that you give the first answer. You must give a relevant answer, because some onlookers can be critical. A lot of people who read answers are critical enough to identify good responses from trash.

Responding to a question on Yahoo! Answers is your chance to prove your credibility and show your expertise in your niche. Also, keep in mind that not all readers are technical. The mere fact that they are asking questions means they are not the geeks in the field. So you might want to use vivid explanations and clear descriptions, and you probably should avoid the jargons.

3. Answer politely

Don’t bash the asker for being too dumb. You don’t build a good reputation by demeaning them for not knowing something that you find too easy. Be nice when answering queries, because other readers are watching how you behave online. Harsh responses will never gain credits regardless of how helpful and informative they are.

4. Give straight answers

If you can answer the query in 5 sentences, don’t make it 10. Online readers are not after a 2-page essay on the inquiry. They basically have limited time to spend online and they like quick answers. Cut the babble and go straight to the point.

4. Don’t over-promote yourself

A lot of marketers answer questions because they want to place links on their mediocre responses, which often become regarded as spam.

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