10 Best Yellow-themed Website Designs For Inspiration

In any field of designing and the arts, color plays an important role, especially when it comes to harmony, visual appeal, and the theme of the website or blog. Choosing the right color is also relevant to what kind of website you would like to market and to what audience you would like to market it to, so you better choose carefully with your color schemes and combinations. In this article, we give you 10 of the greatest website designs with yellow themes.

List of the 10 best yellow web designs

Without further do, here is the list of the best web designs for you:

1. Multimedium

The HTML5 effects of this web design is quite creative and it doesn’t just focus on yellow, but also other light colors like red and light blue on the contents below the home page.

2. Sputnik Creative

This website also has some neat HTML5 effects but on a more simplistic way, using black text rather than more colors.

3. Adam Hartwig

This portfolio of a digital designer and developer is also a good starter for a yellow website design. It has a more yellow-orange background than bright yellow, and has an interactive HTML5 appearance.

4. Ismael Saez

Here is another neat portfolio that is designed with HTML5 effects with a yellow theme. It has an ink sketch as the home page.

5. Brio

Brio is a website of an animation and graphics team, so it is no surprise that their website content is superb and clean.

6. We are impero

This is yet another striking and visually-appealing HTML5 yellow web design. The animation transitions between the pages are awesome, geometrically-wise.

7. Behold the power of E2

This is a neat full-screen video website of an airplane/airline company that has superb HTML5 graphic effects. Even the menus and visual effects are stunning.

8. Super Sync Sports

Here is a nice graphic-animated website for a game with crisp graphics.

9. Klin

This is a neat and interactive website design specially made for children for exploration.

10. Kristian Bediiako

This is a neatly-designed website of a musician / teacher with music previews.


If you are lacking ideas when it comes to yellow web designs, then check out these ones we have prepared for you, to boost your creativity and make progress in your work or field.

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