Youtube’s Most Shared Videos In 2013

You just heard it right: while we get millions of videos in just one Youtube, we get a real amount of millions as well for viewers. The question now is, where did all the viewers go, so far for this year?

Today let me hand you a real good collection of videos you just don’t want to miss before hitting the middle of the third quarter this year. You may want to take a good laugh, pick a good lesson, or—again—share these videos to your families and friends, the fun is always up to you.

Dumb Ways To Die

This highly-awarded video is actually a campaign for public safety more than just a ‘kid’s show.’ Created by McCann Melbourne, the video uses very intuitively simple animation assets like beans or even simply shapes to show how and why some things are dangerous. Being dangerous, it is dumb, then, to die like what was shown.

The video comes with a lovely background music that you’ll pick for your notification ringtone, so to say. The cartoon characters also perform a kind of dance, something that even kids would love to mimic. Beware though, as the idea behind the iconic scenes actually factual and hence be conscientiously shared to the young minds.

Happier Than A Came

This video has nothing really to show off really—no animations, no special effects (at least no aliens shooting), no tricks, but just a camel walking along a business center. The video is actually a GEICO Hump Day Camel Commercial making an ad about their insurance offers, so thus the talking character as the lead role.

Why a Camel? Well, the video circles about how you could—and could not—really enjoy the busiest workday of the week which is Wednesday (and so is called a Hump day). This camel seemed like its starring the day by roaming around the other employees, until it stops with two men insured with that which is offered by GEICO. Want your own share of the insurance?


Again, here’s another campaign for safety, but more for the drunk drivers. Originated from Leo Burnett London, the video depicts the message by showing three random guys who found themselves inside a public restroom with a self-shattering mirror. The spice here? The shattering gets a little bloody effect to truly alert these men as the glass ‘hits’ something.

The video is nevertheless violent and is considerably appropriate for all ages. Whether the video is factually scripted or not, and whether the trick is really designed to be a prank or not, the main question now is: are you willing to see this kind of shatter while you drive after a night-out?

Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video

‘An official joke,’ I would say, but this video is so short that you can actually get the message in real-time. Posted by the company behind the PlayStation itself and is harvesting more than 13 million views, I would surely bet the viewers are not really interested as to how to share a used game to a friend, but on how the video is made.

See for yourself to learn this very quick tutorial.

Blurred Lines

With over 50 million views, this video is a no-joke a head-hitter for the shares as well. ‘Blurred Lines’ is a music video that hits as the ‘music video for the Summer 2013.’ Introducing T.I and Pharrell together with Robin Thicke, the song is more about giving the best punch lines to make a girl feel ‘dirty.’

Naughty Boy

Published in the middle of April this year, Naughty Boy is a music video that gets million shares for only a couple of months. With a single released by Naughty Boy in the name of La La La, the music features the vocals of Sam Smith that hit the UK charts strongly.

Perhaps there would always be an argument whether the story in the video—more than the lyrics of the music itself—is reflective or philosophical, or just simply a fiction capable of being written by anybody. The story revolves around a deaf boy who could resolve people’s struggles with his overwhelming scream, until he finally came face to face with El Tio, the demon who is said to rule the underworld.

Get Lucky

Interestingly, this video from YouTube is not really a video, but an audio with the album cover set as the static background. Nevertheless, the music gets millions of shares as well, despite being published no more than three months ago.

Get Lucky is a song by Daft Punk, which also featured both Pharell Williams and Nile Rodgers for the album Random Access Memories. The music originates from being simply a TV advertisement, and with its lyrics fully formulated, is more about having content about the ‘chemistry in relationships.’

Let Her Go

Directed and produced by Dave Jansen, the official video for the new single Let Her Go by Passenger is getting a steamy collection of shares as well. The video is actually a year old now, but it’s probably the lyrics of the song that made the song continually viral for this year.

There’s nothing so special about the video except for an acoustic band with the vocalist on it. With the lyrics for the song “You only need the light when it’s burning low,” the song speaks more about the false decisions of letting a girl go, only after a while when the lover truly realizes and regrets that he was actually in-love.

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